“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….”


Nathan Cummings, Sr. Staff Writer

The tradition for every bride:  “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” a phrase taken from an old English rhyme, fits appropriately in this context where HHS welcomes four teacher as part of its instructional staff.  Two, the high school has “borrowed” and will continue to claim them as their own; they are Mrs. Dorothy Arvin and Mrs Mary Mathews-Bebech.  We have the “new” in our Math and English departments respectively in the form of Mr. Damon Haught and Mrs. Megan Schellhorn.  It’s time students learn a little about these teachers as they join our “blue” and “white” tradition here at HHS.

Let’s start with vetern teacher Mrs. Dorothy Arvin, who will make the high school her new permanent home.  Most of us here at HHS already know who Mrs. Arvin is from her time as a gym teacher at Reed Middle School.  But since she’s new to the high school, it’s time to get to know her a little bit better.

Dorothy Arvin graduated from Brookfield High School and attended YSU.  Her mother hails from Pennsylvania, her father from Youngstown.  She has five brothers and is thankful to be part of the greatest family in the world.  Her brothers were the ones who inspired her to become a teacher.  “My older brother was my greatest teacher, and I wanted to be just like him,” states Arvin.  Having five brothers, she was always a “tomboy” so becoming a gym teacher seemed like her destiny.  “What else does a tomboy do?” Arvin asks.  She teaches physical education to the 9th and 10th graders along with Mr. Jeremy Porter.  Last year she also served as the HHS Girls’ Golf Coach.

Arvin has been a teacher for 27 years.  She’s taught at Brookfied, but the majority of her time has been spent at our own Reed Middle School.  When asked abou the similarities between Brookfield and Hubbard, Arvin states, “It (Brookfield) was much smaller.”  She loves teaching at Hubbard, and credits the students for her positive attitude stating,”The students are the best in the universe!”  She also like Hubbard because of its atmosphere and staff.  Her husband and she thought of Hubbard as the perfect place to live and raise a family.

Lastly, Arvin wants to be remembered and “hopes to leave positive memories with everyone.” On behalf of the rest of the school, I’d like to say Welcome to the high school, Mrs. Arvin!

Secondly, let’s meet Mrs. Megan Schellhorn. She is the new Video Productions, Yearbook, and Honors English 12 teacher. Schellhorn’s alma mater is Howland High School, and it was during high school that she fell in love with teaching. She frequently liked to help out her mom (also a teacher) in her kindergarten classroom. But Schellhorn knew that her age group preference was much older. She won the WKBN “Caring for our Community” scholarship competition. One of the perks of winning, besides getting the scholarship, was that the winner got to film a short public service announcement at WKBN. “While I was there, I fell in love with video production and being on the air,” she states. Schellhorn went to Kent State University for her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast News Reporting as well as her Master’s in Corporate Video Production.

Schellhorn previously taught at three different schools. Her first experience teaching was at Celebration High School in Orlando, Florida. She stayed there for two years before transferring to Ardrey Kell High School for the next four years. She decided to come back to Ohio to be closer to family. Last year, she taught English at Canfield High School. Then, she saw that Hubbard had a teaching position that they were looking to fill. “When I saw the position posted for a video production teacher here at Hubbard, I knew it was the perfect opportunity,” explains Schellhorn.

Thus far, Schellhorn loves HHS. “There is a warmth that I feel from the students and other teachers who have made me feel so welcome here,” states Schellhorn. That feeling has become one of her favorite aspects of this job. Let’s hope this feeling continues to be a positive as Schellhorn continues teaching here at HHS. Welcome to HHS Mrs. Schellhorn!

Most of us band members already know Mrs. Mary Mathews-Bebech. But for those not in band, I’d like to introduce our new Special Education teacher at the high school. She is in her 26th year of teaching, and has been teaching at Reed for the past 25 years.  Although we’ve “borrowed” her from the middle school, we know that Bebech is here to stay.

Bebech graduated from Brookfield High School in 1982, and from YSU in 1986 with her Bachelor’s, then again in 1991 with her Master’s, both of which were in Education. She decided to become a teacher because she carried that dream for a while. “I’ve always imagined myself in a helping profession, either teaching or physical therapy,” states Bebech. This Special Education instructor settled on teaching because she enjoys the “connections that can be made between content areas.”

While she hasn’t taught full time anywhere besides Hubbard, she has been a substitute at Fairhaven School for the Mentally Retarded, and Bebech says, “they (the students) are very different since everyone there has multiple disabilities.” She volunteers for several charities and spends a few weeks every summer working at a church camp. Bebech’s volunteerism goes as far back as her childhood when she helped tutor friends and even helped out with the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

Bebech has a husband, Tim, of 25 years. They have two daughters, both of whom graduated from Hubbard, named Bethany and Alanna. In her spare time, she loves to bake. In fact, she often brings goodies to school for her classes. She’s especially famous for her “Bebech Brownies”. This intervention specialist is a roller coaster fanatic and a big supporter of the Hubbard Band, as she was Historian for the Hubbard Band Boosters while her daughters were in band. She is the advisor of the SADD Club and Co-Advisor for the YSU English Festival. On behalf of the rest school Welcome to Hubbard High School, Mrs. Bebech!

Lastly, someone else new:  here’s Damon Haught, the new math teacher at HHS. Haught teaches AP Calculus, Trig/Pre-Calc, Geometry, and College Prep Math. But there’s a lot more to Mr. Haught than numbers, formulas, lines and equations.

Haught grew up in Champion but moved to Howland during his sophomore year, and he graduated from Howland High School.  He went to college at YSU, graduating summa cum laude in 2008. He recently got his Master’s degree, and has been teaching math for three years now. Before he became a full time teacher, Haught did his student teaching at Lakeview. That’s the only high school teaching experience he’s had before Hubbard. However, Haught feels that both schools are very similar.

Both Haught and his wife are math teachers, with Mrs. Haught teaching math at TCTC. Haught is also a dance instructor and a gymnastics coach. In his spare time, he builds and races a dirt-track late model car. Haught has a 14 year old son and two step-children, 11 and 14.  When asked about why he wanted to become a teacher, he responded by saying that he “has a craving for watching young people learn.”  He enjoys making it possible for sparking students’ “light bulbs”. He wanted to teach math because math is the root of everything, and considers himself to be a “math nerd”.

Haught came to Hubbard because he thought this school would be the best place to make a difference. And thus far, he‘s made the right decision in his mind. “The staff and student body have been outstanding,” he states. He gives special praise to the students by saying “Hubbard is full of intelligent, hard working, respectful students that make my job truly enjoyable.” On behalf of the rest school I’d like to say “Welcome to Hubbard High School!”