Hello Up There!

Hey Kirby!

Hey Kirby!

Heather Inglis, Co-Editor-In-Chief

As one squints down the long, narrow halls of Hubbard High, finding new students can be slightly difficult. As we get older, our peers tend to blend together,  and everyone seems to be the same height and weight with similar interets and gpa’s. Basically, new people don’t really stand out anymore, unless one meets junior Kirby Knutson, that is. He’s kind of a big deal.

Kirby recently moved to our beautiful little town of Hubbard from Watkins, Minnesota. According to Kirby, it wasn’t much of a culture shock despite what some of us would think.  “It’s not too different geographically, and the seasons are all the same, except that Minnesota might be a bit colder in the winter,” he explained. Kirby also clarified a few misconceptions that people may have about those from Minnesota. “A lot of people think that Minnesotans have that “okey der, oh ya you betcha” accent, but that’s really not the case. The school system here is a lot different however, compared to my old one,” states Kirby. I was going to graduate with around 55 peers in my grade, so this is a bit different here being closer to 175-190. I lived in a very small town.”

Now let’s focus on the most obvious of Kirby’s traits: our new friend Kirby is over six feet tall, which is taller than most of the male students here at HHS. And to answer the one question just about everyone has: yes, he does play basketball! We’ll be gaining a new player on the HHS boys’ basketball team this winter, so we’ll have to keep on the look out for him–although that won’t be a difficult feat. Kirby showed his dedication to the sport when he responded to what he was looking forward to at our high school: “I’m looking forward to playing some ball on the new court this winter,”he exclaimed.  Now there’s interest and dedication!

Apart from basketball, Kirby also enjoys just hanging out, driving around, and starting new projects. He revealed that once he settles into his new home, he plans on building himself a new computer. Obviously he’s quite a technical kid. At home, Kirby lives with his mother, a professor at YSU; his father, who works from home; and his wiener dog Cooper. He also has two older sisters: Johanna, who is twenty-one and attending St. Cloud State University; and Abbi, who’s eighteen and attends Central Lakes College.

In his interview, Kirby also revealed that he was “blessed” with many nicknames. “Well, with a name like mine everybody always gives me nicknames. So I’ve heard a lot,” he said, “but the main one that stuck was ‘Kirb-dawg.’ When I was little, my mom was the assistant coach of the girls’ basketball team and one of her players gave me the name. It just stuck I guess.” Sounds like ‘Kirb-dawg’ can just never leave the basketball scene.

Kirby Knutson is obviously a pretty cool kid. Between his height, basketball skills, and his ability to acquire numerous nicknames, he is an excellent addition to our day-to-day grind at Hubbard High. Welcome to Hubbard, Kirby.