New York Fashion Week

Emma Hetson

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Whether you like it or not, fall is upon us. To make the transition of seasons a little more bearable, New York Fashion Week gave us something to look forward to.

New York Fashion Week runs September 5-12, and displays the looks for Spring 2014. Fashion Week is basically a group of runway shows compressed into one week that display a designer’s rendering for what’s in style that season. Fashion Week got it’s start as “Press Week” in 1943.  Created by Eleanor Lambert, a French fashion insider during World War II,  this event showcases American designers and distracts from French fashion. During the war, Americans weren’t able to go to Paris runway shows,  so designers had to improvise and thus brought runway shows to America. Fashion Week is held twice a year in New York: once in February and once in September, and is officially sponsored by Mercedes Benz.  The shows differ almost completely from one to the next. On the first day, the event could be all about spikes and leather, but on day two, it could flip to pastels and florals.

My two favorite designers who held shows during Fashion Week were Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta. I really enjoyed the ways the two designers represented what they thought was appropriate for spring. I always think it’s interesting to see what anyone thinks is appropriate for spring since the weather changes so quickly, whether they go with UGG boots and more cold weather attire, or go full on crop tops and cut offs for summer.

 Ralph Lauren’s show was all about the classics done up in bright springy colors like yellow and blue. His collection featured simple shift dresses in an array of exciting colors. It even featured black classic suits, complete with a vest and tie, that were surprisingly feminine. Overall, his collection embodied the timeless style of American springtime done in a chic and simple way.

Oscar de la Renta’s collection was comprised of interesting silhouettes, silky dreamlike fabrics and heavy detailing. His collection captured every aspect of spring, from the cold mornings where all one wants to put on is a blazer and pants, to the warmer days when one can wear a capped sleeve dress without judgment, and to the almost summer like days when it’s acceptable to wear a strapless romper out of the house. Overall, his collection showcased fashionable, versatile springtime clothing that anyone could wear.

New York Fashion Week is always an exciting time in the fashion industry, mainly because it exposes new models, new designers and new trends. Even if you don’t wear some of the outrageous styles showcased at the event, it’s always a fun time to see what top designers will come up with next.

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