The Warrior: A Prose Poem


Richard Pasco, Contributor

Fallen, the warrior lies on the battlefield as the fighting wages on around him. There he lay lost in his own mind, trapped by the fear of his own emotions. Bound to the ground by the frail state of his body, depleted of all strength, wounded both mentally and physically, without the will nor the courage to carry on. This warrior, like many around him, has been plagued the entire battle. Disaster around every corner, a pitfall with every step, a torrential downpour of chaos falling from the sky, every waking moment. This warrior however, has seen many battles, battles filled with such agony. He is all but ready to give in, ending his journey in one fail swoop. All that is left to do is shut his weary tired eyes, and succumb to what is easy. However, in but a brief moment, the looked not upon his God, nor within himself, but gazed upon the faces of his fellow comrades, the memories they shared with one another and decided to fight, for not only himself, but for them as well. With this, he found strength to rise on but one knee, the will to rise up on the other, the emotion, to step with one foot, and the courage to stand tall against every obstacle that lay upon the battlefield before him. With every new step the warrior took, he fell again and again. This time however, he looked back to the moment when he decided to rise, when failure was so easy and so reachable, when he did not buckle, and he rose once more.