The Visit: A Suspenseful View, Surprisingly

The Visit: A Suspenseful View, Surprisingly

Andrea Riffle, Junior Staff Writer

When I first walked into the theater to view this movie, I was prepared to be rather underwhelmed. The film trailer seemed to show very few scenes of interest or suspense, and the premise of the film itself seemed quite farfetched to me. Crazy grandparents? Please, that sounds more ridiculous than terrifying. But upon viewing The Visit in its entirety, I came to find that the film wasn’t as weak as I originally thought. In fact, it actually had some rather tense and suspenseful scenes, especially towards the end of the movie!

The movie itself focuses on a young boy, wannabe rapper named Tyler, and his older sister, Becca, who creates a documentary of events, which becomes the genre style of the movie. The two are sent by their mother to live for a week with their grandparents, whom they have never met. As the brother and sister leave the highly populated city scene for a quieter, more serene Pennsylvania countryside, they grow excited. Upon arrival, however, they come to find that their grandparents have some rather strange habits, and have a nasty tendency to act out after 9:30 p.m. As these acts begin to become more and more dangerous as the week progresses, the kids are left wondering if they’ll ever be able to make it home.

M. Night Shyamalan is the director of this thriller, and has released others in the genre that more effectively blend suspense. Consider his earlier shows: The Village or The Lady in the Water. This movie received the worst reviews of all, and some of the common complaints concern the lack of real terrifying scenes within the film, as well as a lack of tonal balance with the soundtrack. But as I said before, this movie had me pleasantly surprised in many ways.

The storyline actually held my attention for the length of the movie. The grandparents were shown to be eerily calm and unnaturally kind, and each actor seemed to do a good job at this characterization. The movie, I think, didn’t really get all that tense until about the last half. But when it hit that point, things went from bad to worse in a few seconds flat! There is a plot twist towards the end, and though no spoilers here, I will say it was a pretty good, albeit obvious, turning point! All in all, I’d definitely recommend this movie for a scary, and at times funny, choice, perfect in time for the upcoming Halloween season!