“The Guy”

Connor Harding, Editor-in-Chief

The man with the highest dignity who holds a certain pride,

Who has a certain courtesy and contempt for being snide,

A gentleman who tips his hat for those he passes by,

I know not why, but I’m sure that I, just want to be the guy.


He strives and struggles every day to be as strong as he can,

He faces his trials and conquers them to prove that he’s a man,

Skilled and talented in all trades or anything that he tries,

Deep down inside, I truly know that I, want to be the guy.


A suave and cunning linguist who knows his way around a speech,

A fame chasing optimist with all his dreams within his reach,

An unbreakable spirit who knows only to do or die,

Although I try, I can’t deny, I want to be the guy.


A humble and loving man with nothing but peace in his heart,

A thoughtful and intelligent mind who always plays it smart,

One who can forgive his enemies without batting an eye,

I think about it and realize that I need to be the guy.


He is tough and he is fast and he has a certain swagger,

Whose words and eyes are soft and sweet yet cut you like a dagger,

He is passionate and willing which are things you just can’t buy,

And if I work hard, maybe someday, I will become the guy.