Get Out: Thrills, Terror and Twists

Get Out: Thrills, Terror and Twists

Bailey Rock, Junior Staff Writer

Directed by Jordan Peele, the movie, Get Out, has the greatest longevity at the box office of any movie in 2017, with having only a slight decline in ticket sales over a 16 day period, according to the Washington Post online. Get Out had a total of 4.5 million dollars for its beginning budget. The movie’s gross profit, as of right now, is $175,484,140 in domestic sales. Nationally, the profit is approximately $252,434,250 and growing. So what’s behind these big numbers?  Let’s take a look.

Get Out boasts a long list of popular actors and actresses that play dominant roles in his horror film. Daniel Kaluuya plays the main role as Chris Washington, and Allison Williams plays Rose Armitage, Chris’s girlfriend. Catherine Keener plays the mother, Missy Armitage, and Bradley Whitford as Dean Armitage, plays the father. The brother, Jeremy Armitage, is portrayed  by Caleb Landry Jones. According to online sources, Samuel L. Jackson’s biggest criticism of the film was that all of the main actors and actresses are British.  However, “Hollywood has been casting British actors in American parts for years. Christian Bale played Batman. Henry Cavill is Superman. Daniel Day-Lewis was Lincoln,” responded an online source.

The storyline is unique and engrossing.  Rose Armitage has decided to take her African American boyfriend, Chris Washington home to meet her parents for the first time at their secluded house in the woods. Chris is skeptical about meeting the parents, Missy and Dean Armitage, who are unaware of Chris being an African American. When he arrives, he realizes something is eerily “off” with the family; however, he cannot determine what is so precisely different. Chris then starts to notice some bizarre traits concerning the African American staff at the Armitage house. As the weekend goes on, events take a turn for the worse when Chris starts uncovering some dark secrets of the Armitage family’s past. The themes of racial discrimination and appearance vs. reality become horrifyingly obvious as the movie progresses.

Many of the current students at Hubbard High School have just added Get Out as a new favorite move to their list. When asked their opinions of this show, there seemed to be a few quite similar responses. Senior Ian Rudolph stated, “I liked the movie;It was great, because the movie emphasized some really important points.” As for  junior Justin Auth, he believes, “This movie was pretty good overall.. Most of Get Out was straightforward, but some parts might get a little confusing, which makes this a great movie for most age groups.” Justin, however, was not the only one with these thoughts. Justin’s junior classmate Jaden Kassan agreed saying, “The storyline was pretty good, but kind of confusing.”

As for all of the other students at Hubbard High School who have yet to see this must watch, start planning your next movie night and include this amazing thrill-seeking horror film. Not only will it keep the audience entertained, but it will challenge them with twists, turns and important messages.