Frozen II: A Darker and Somewhat Mysterious Sequel


Sydney Vaupel, Junior Staff Writer

On November 27th, 2013, Disney released a film about two sisters, a gruff iceman, a reindeer, a twisted prince, and a living snowman. The movie was titled, Frozen and shocked the globe with its original story line, monumental plot twist, and unforgettable music. The movie left a large fan base in its wake, although junior Taylor Perline says, “I don’t like Frozen. Is that bad?”  Well, perhaps it’s not bad, but certainly unusual.  It was confirmed back in 2015, only two years after the film’s release, that there would be a sequel. Now, November 22nd, 2019, the film entitled Frozen II was released with the same main cast reprising their roles. To briefly summarize the film as explained on the IMDb movie website: “Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven leave Arendelle to Travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa’s powers in order to save their kingdom.” 

The new addition to the whimsical series is most definitely enjoyable. The graphics were certainly stunning, as Disney has developed their animation systems and techniques, and the soundtrack is almost as iconic as the first. “The soundtrack sounds good, and the animation is really detailed! I also like Elsa’s new dress,” Stated Julia Palumbo, junior. The start of the film has a lighthearted and exciting tone, but it’s obvious that there’s something important that the audience doesn’t know yet. The story line continues with a few twists and turns and some interesting song choices. At the climax of the movie, the audience is hit with a heartbreaking song from Anna, as she tries to push through the events which have just transpired in order to save her kingdom and do justice for those that she loves the most. As with most Disney movies, everybody gets their happy ending, and a few unexpected turnouts occur. Overall, the plot of Frozen II wasn’t necessarily as unique as the original film and had some conventional plot points, but was enjoyable nonetheless. 

 The newest soundtrack has only one less song than the original movie, but much less singing time on screen. A certainly interesting song choice which was added into the film was a solo from Kristoff entitled “Lost in the Woods”, which one can only describe as a bittersweet 90’s love song music montage where the iceman sings his song after Anna runs off in search of Elsa and leaves him to question their love. Although it didn’t serve much of a purpose in the film, it was definitely enjoyable and added some comic relief before the events which would soon transpire. The most iconic songs from the soundtrack are Elsa’s songs “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself”. Both songs have an exciting and energetic feel to them, although “Into the Unknown” is more about curiosity of what’s beyond one’s knowledge. “Show Yourself” is about realization and the relief of learning the truth of oneself and the world that surrounds him/her. With stunning vocals and impressive visuals to match, it’s no surprise these songs are the fan favorites. Although, the most underrated song is the first sung in the film, titled “All Is Found,”  which is a lullaby that Anna and Elsa’s mother sings to the girls about a path to discovering truth. The song is simple, but sweet, and has deeper meaning than what the listener may originally think; it ends up being a key motif presented throughout the entire film. 

 Overall, Frozen II was a phenomenal film, although not quite able to beat out the original. With such an iconic and eccentric storyline and soundtrack that the first Frozen film brought to the world, it’s hard to match up to or beat the appeal of the first movie. The music of the sequel was enjoyable, but not quite as catchy as the original. Plot-wise, the sequel was slightly darker and had a much more bitter-sweet and somewhat realistic tone than the original movie, which could be appealing to some audiences and discouraging to others. Still, as sequels go, it’s a worthy delivery.  Check it out yourself. 

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