Holding Hearts and Hands and Eyes


Millionnaya Zhanna

hand holding a heart icon, isolated vector symbol

Emily McConnell, Junior Staff Writer

Kiss me and hold me in the dark,

under a mound of blankets and soft things

in peaceful quiet, without silence.

Let the moonlight filter like greyscale sunlight with the setting to match.


Let me catch your kisses in my hair,

 hold onto your hands and waist,

feel the curve of your body with the comfort of your breathing and heartbeat.

The things that ground me and tell me I’m alive while I wait in monotone.


Tell me if my soul is crying by the moonlight.

I don’t dare to look that far but I know you can.                                               

I only cry in the dark, not for fear.

It’s a relief that I can’t find anywhere where people can see my face

but still you hold me and whisper words of love and sleep.

 I find myself looking for your eyes in the dark.

Your lips follow as we get closer.


I guess I’m caught where angels want to be, right in your arms.