Logan Stafford, Contributor

It is not a stretch to say that I am completely infatuated

with the way the moonlight

drizzles in through the window and imperfectly drapes across her face.


Her head is delicately perched on my shoulder. 

Then, she tells me “it’s ok that you don’t like the way you look”. 

She tells me “Autumn is my favorite season”;

something about how life fades into a quiet whisper with the coming frost.

She tells me “I like the way the moonlight hits your face.” 


I look at her.

And then I smile at her. 

And she looks at me. 

And she smiles at me. 

And for a moment, we are together forever.

Time is frozen, Winter has come and gone…


Tomorrow we will pretend like this did not happen. 

Tomorrow we will pretend like the moon did not bless us tonight. 

But tonight, we are together.