Death of Common Sense: Crushing Trust one Email at a Time

Death of Common Sense: Crushing Trust one Email at a Time

Connor Harding, Junior Staff Writer/Column Writer

The Office of President of the United States is a sacred position and should be held by only the greatest that our free nation has to offer. A politically conscious, respectable, trust-worthy, intelligent, decisive, well-informed and realistic professional of any gender or ethnicity over the age of 35 may hold the keys to the White House and guide us into a brighter tomorrow. Those are necessary and wonderful qualities for a presidential candidate…. but America is having a little bit of trouble finding someone with the whole package, so instead, the Democrats have given us Hillary Clinton, and what a package she presents.

Our nation’s former Secretary of State has had a mixed “campaign” so far in 2015. I put the quotation marks around campaign because it really hasn’t been a bid for office, but instead has devolved into Clinton covering herself for lying blatantly about her ever so infamous “Secret Server”. If much of a politician’s entire career can be summarized with the repeated line, “That’s not true, I swear!” then I really don’t want this politician in the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, or anywhere within 100 miles of Washington D.C.  If we aren’t respected around the world NOW, America will be the punch line of every political trust joke around the globe after her first term.

If you are a Hillary fan reading this and are red in the face with rage at my opinion, I would like to quickly quote what Clinton said at the first Democratic debate in the middle of October in Las Vegas. “I didn’t take a position on Keystone until I took a position on Keystone.” Did anyone besides me have to rehash that a few times to try to understand what her empty phrase meant? Let’s face it, Hillary has had years to work on phrases of little substance and evasion. The greatest example has to be her recent response when questioned concerning whether or not she wiped her server clean, and Secretary Clinton replied: “Like with a cloth or something?” Yes, truly, she is the queen of Evasion and Emptiness.

Whenever she isn’t jumbling through accusations, she is making promises which can never be fulfilled.  From raising the minimum wage to ridiculous highs to heavily taxing the top 1%, Clinton wants to do it all in four years. Overall, I wanted to say that there is a strong candidate I would support, but unfortunately I can’t.  It is only a race to decide who WON’T drive the USA completely into the ground given four years. Although she is well-educated, I feel that our nation’s beloved Wile E Coyote/Chatty Cathy/Lady Gaga hybrid doesn’t have the attributes I listed at the start of this column, and therefore should not be given the title of Commander in Chief.