Jon Stewart’s Dailies are done after 16 Years


Connor Harding, Junior Staff Writer

On August 6, 2015, legendary comedian and political analyst Jon Stewart decided to end his long running career on late night television. It was the end of an era that will be missed by many late-night fans.

According to online sources, Stewart was born in New York, raised in New Jersey, and then returned to New York to begin his broadcasting career. On January 11th, 1999, he made his debut on “The Daily Show,” interviewing Michael J. Fox, the actor who famously portrayed Marty Mcfly in the Back to the Future movies. During his rise to stardom, Stewart interviewed dozens of presidential candidates, First Ladies, Secretaries of State, President Barrack Obama (more than once), as well as hundreds of authors and well known public figures like Malala Yousafzai.

Though he is a comedian, Stewart was not afraid to ask the hard questions when they needed to be asked; the best known example of this was his brutal interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer about withholding information of an imminent economic downturn in the near future. This total defacement of the investment advisor was a startling reminder that Jon Stewart was not only a comedian, but a journalist and a man searching for hard answers like any other reporter.

His last show was a full hour program of reminiscing his past sixteen years, making the nation chuckle at the stupidity of modern politics. All of his correspondents over the years arrived to wish him well in retirement, from Stephen Colbert, the new host of “The Late Show”, to comedians Jon Oliver and Lewis Black. After the final commercial break of his career, Stewart turned to the cameras to deliver one final, more serious message than expected. He beseeched his viewers to watch out for the all the lies and frauds of the world, to dig down and not accept a passive glance.

Also, the last episode revisited many of his older, but still running jokes concerning FOX news, Arby’s, and the GOP before Stewart gave his televised audience a final goodbye. Though his television career is over, Jon Stewart has left a legacy of laughter which will not soon be forgotten. Though his show will be taken over by correspondent Trevor Noah, the void he left with his retirement will never be filled completely, and he will be missed by millions of loving fans nationwide.