Cheerleading Preview 2016


Calley Baxter, Senior Staff Writer

As the summer sun fades, and crisp fall leaves are carried through the wind, the students of Hubbard High are back to old routines. That’s right, school is back in session!

The Hubbard cheerleaders have been working all summer long to prepare for this school year. As ‘cheer’ leaders, it’s their job to keep school spirit up, and not just for football, but for anything that goes on in Hubbard.  The cheerleaders plan to up the school spirit this year! Come and join them at sporting events by cheering in the student section. They have incorporate new ideas for every pep rally planned, and these should entertain the entire student body. “I’m super pumped for this school year, and hope every cheers almost as much as we do,” said senior Mariyah Hill. “Let’s go Eagles!”

To help better the HHS cheerleading program, the varsity and jv squads attended a UCA, Universal Cheerleading Association, cheer camp. The camp lasted four days. At cheer camp the UCA staff works with teams to sharpen their skills and helps them become better all-around cheerleaders. Teams also compete for trophies and various other awards while at camp. Varsity and Jv performed very well in each category, taking numerous gold ribbons: first place in the home pom dance, best hometown pride and traditions award; they also won the highest spirit award, the “banana”, on the second night of camp.

Some of the individual cheerleaders soared above the rest as well. Senior and captain, Amanda Schultz won first place in the jump off, while Senior Jordan Angelo and Junior Allie Begeot were finalists. “Winning the jump off was a great way to end my last cheer camp,” said Amanda enthusiastically. All-American is another competition Hubbard cheerleaders performed well in. Cheerleaders who receive this honor embody spirit and contain the necessary skills to be a wonderful cheer motivator. Seniors, and captain, Sydney Wess and Jordan Angelo made this elite team. Junior Birgid Burdette, and Sophomore Ramiah Givens also made the team. “It was rewarding because I worked really hard, and it was my last cheer camp ever,” said Jordan. Overall, cheer camp was a fantastic learning experience for our cheerleaders!

The next event for the Hubbard cheerleaders will be Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic. This is an event held at YSU, to spread awareness and raise money for Breast Cancer. Tons of cheerleading teams from around the Youngstown area attend and perform for the crowd. “I love performing at PRCC because it’s for a great cause, and It’s something I look forward to every year,” Sydney Wess said. Be sure to come out on October 22nd at YSU and support your cheerleaders!