Five Fun Fall Activities

Five Fun Fall Activities

Melody Castner, Junior Staff Writer

Fall is the time of year that many people love the most. Consider  the changing color of the leaves, the crisp smell of fall in the air, the taste of pumpkin and hot apple cider, and the anticipation of the holidays.  All of these aspects of fall suggest lots of fun seasonal activities that are enjoyable for all ages.

Many people have their own annual fall traditions, but this writer is suggesting some that others may want to include in their list.  Here are five fall activities that are a must:

1. Carving pumpkins is a favorite fall activity for most; this past-time gets everyone in the Halloween spirit. Carving pumpkins allows people to show their individuality and creativity, while creating a festive decoration for the front porch. Junior Madi McGowan says, “Carving pumpkins is one of my favorite things to do in the fall.  My sister and I used to have contests to see who had the most seeds in their pumpkin and who could carve the scariest one.”

Another fun activity is  2. Visiting a Haunted House or going on a Haunted Hay Ride. These are thrilling activities that leave some in a fright, others tearful, and still others giggling, but get all excited for Halloween. “I like the adrenaline rush when someone scares me, and I like all the costumes and different characters!” Remarked freshman Toshe Stone. There are several types of haunted houses or hayrides in our area, be sure to visit one for the thrill of Halloween.

Another addition to the fall list is  3. Visiting White House Fruit Farms in Canfield, Ohio. Junior Chelsea Murphy says, “I love to go to White House to pick out the perfect pumpkin, and get their famous blueberry donuts.” Those blueberry doughnuts are so famous, in fact, that in 2012, “Eli Manning of the New York Giants and his entire Offensive Line, including Ohio’s own Jim Cordle requested White House Farm’s Blueberry Donuts for the weekend of the Super Bowl!”   

4. Navigating A Corn Maze is another thrilling activity to do in the fall; it’s like a giant puzzle. The goal is to complete the corn maze without cheating and to follow clues. Maize Valley Winery in Hartville, Ohio explains how their maze works: “Every year our corn maze has a different theme and we hide trivia questions within the maze all related to that year’s theme.  Guests are given game sheets with spaces to record their answers, as well as other fun activities related to the theme.  Admission to the corn maze is included with your admission to the fall harvest area… if you get tired or hopelessly lost, you can always exit, get something to eat and return to the maze later.”

Finally, 5. Taking a Walk in the Woods is a wonderful thing to do in the fall. Many people enjoy looking at the leaves changing colors and watching wildlife. The snapping of twigs under one’s boots and the sound of a stream trickling nearby are calming and peaceful.  The bugs aren’t swarming as they do in the summer, and the temperature is perfect.  So, throw on a hoodie, grab a pair of boots and head outside to enjoy the fall season.

The fall is an exciting time to spend with friends and family. Be sure to enjoy these few months while they last. Ease your boredom by trying out one of these seriously exciting activities. Who know? You may discover a new yearly tradition for your family and friends to enjoy. Don’t forget to have fun and Happy Fall!