Ten Reasons You’re on the Naughty List


Mikey VanSuch, Junior Staff Writer

Christmas day is just around the corner, and Santa Claus is coming to town! He’s got his nice and naughty lists filled with the names of all the boys and girls. He knows what all the children have on their wish lists, and plans on filling stockings with presents overflowing. This delightful event is promised for only the “nice” boys and girls, of course. As for the “naughty ones”–don’t expect much except lots and lots of coal.

How do you remain on the nice list in order to guarantee your Christmas gifts? “I like to help everybody around me, and bring happiness to the people I love,” says Anthony Trobek, a sophomore student at Hubbard High School. Although Anthony has a worthy goal, it’s hard to be helpful and happy all the time.  Truthfully, it’s sometimes much easier to be just the opposite. But negative actions can cause you to end up on Santa’s naughty list; consider these top ten examples of bad behavior below:

  1. Profanity. Almost everybody has cursed before, and some curse more frequently than others. We all know that it’s not polite to swear in general, and using negative words to describe someone will make matters even worse. Profanity is an obvious way to get  yourself on the naughty list.
  2. Gossip. There is gossip almost everywhere you go. Places like school, work, or even the mall present opportunities for people to talk about others. “I’m around students every day, and I constantly hear gossip and rumors about the students and their peers” says Mrs. Laura McCleery, a Chemistry teacher at Hubbard High School. Gossip usually creates rumors about people that aren’t true, and can really hurt someone’s feelings.
  3. Unnecessary risks. It’s not uncommon for people to act recklessly, even when they know it’s not in their best interest. Bad decisions can harm the people around you and negatively affect their lives. “Cheating on tests is probably the worst decision a student could ever make,” explains junior Lilly Darr.  Yes, cheating is definitely a prime example of a bad decision and unnecessary risk.
  4. Twerked and Danced. Let’s face it; school dances and parties are filled with students twerking on each other. “At Homecoming, my friends and I danced and twerked the entire time. It is bad, but it’s inevitable that it will happen at school dances,” says Destiny Watson, a junior student at Hubbard High School. Yes, dancing may be fun, but inappropriate dancing is going to place you on the naughty list.
  5. Oversharing on Social Media. The internet is an ideal place for friends to communicate, but the fun can be ruined by somebody oversharing on social media. Posting too many pictures or videos is unnecessary and annoys other users. It’s nice to post here and there, but posting too much isn’t a good thing to do. Do you really need to share what you had for breakfast this morning, how many times you’ve been cheated on by your boy/girlfriend or how messy your room is?
  6. No public etiquette. Have you ever seen someone embarrass themselves by making a scene in public? Public etiquette is important in our society, as it’s a good thing to have respect for the others around you. Nobody likes the person who makes an unnecessary scene, so don’t be that guy. “Cutting in the lunch line is a perfect example of rude behavior,” states junior Leslie Summers.
  7. Procrastination. Students find themselves up all night studying or doing homework for the next day. Putting assignments and deadlines off leaves them tired and unable to concentrate the next day. Students need to get their work done earlier, or they’ll end up right on the naughty list.
  8. Grinch-like. Everywhere you go, you’ll find people that seem to be sad, angry, or just in a bad mood. People focus too much on the negative side of things, rather than the positives. If the glass is always half-empty, then you can expect to find your name on the naughty list.
  9. Sleeping in Class. Staying up late at night and sleeping during school can cause lots of problems. It creates an unhealthy sleep schedule, and may lead to you missing out on lessons in the class. Grades will drop, which leads you straight to the naughty list.
  10. Not believing in Santa Claus. This is a big one, classmates! Grace Slaina, a senior at Hubbard High School, says, “How could you possibly expect to make the nice list if you don’t believe in St. Nicholas himself?” Santa Claus is in all our hearts, and helps bring out love and happiness during the holidays.

    After reading this list, Joe Langley, a freshman at Hubbard High, states, “Wow, that’s crazy.  I’ve done a lot of things to put myself on the naughty list, and I never even realized it.”

If you avoid these 10 mistakes, it’ll be much easier to make your way onto the nice list. Christmas is a time to be thankful for the people around you; learn to treat them with love and respect, and Santa will always reward you.