Migos Concert Disappoints Many


Kaitlyn McCarthy, Sophomore Staff Writer

        Sometime before 8 p.m., on December 2, 2017, many expectant teens gathered at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio to watch the Hip-Hop Rap group named Migos perform live. “The act, whose members are Quavo, Takeoff and Offset, recently garnered its first Billboard Hot 100 single with “Bad and Boujee” from its current album, Culture.”

         The main performance was set to begin at 8:00 PM, but unfortunately, the group was late by almost three hours—disappointment number one; additionally, they had a poor opening act to keep the audience occupied—disappointment number two. Because Migos showed up at such a late time, they rapped for only a few songs, then left. This was especially unfortunate for the fans who payed the top price of $95.00 a piece for these tickets.

      Critical reviews of the Migos in concerts elsewhere highlighted other unfortunate elements: “The Migos set had little in terms of production or props, basically just offering a small space for the three men to walk about and rap onstage. Thankfully, it was also relatively short — lasting less than an hour. Anything longer would’ve likely felt tedious at this point in the band’s career.”

      Disappointment became the main topic of conversation the following day at HHS. In fact, it became one of the hottest topics in the halls and cafeteria for days after. “I thought it would be better than it was. They only played a few songs,” complained sophomore Kyleigh Johnson.

       Concerning the opening act, Hubbard students were just as unenthusiastic. “I was upset that I had to wait. They had an awful opening, and the people around me were bored and rude,” exclaimed junior Anthony Corrin. Sophomore Maddie Morosky explained, “It was a waste of my time, money, and energy.”
Although it was not a popular event for Hubbard students, many explained that they stayed to watch the entire show. A few did enjoy the performance, saying some songs were “well done.” Others did not enjoy the concert itself, but still had a great night with their friends. “I had a lot of fun, but I wish it would have been longer, with more Migos entertainment,” said sophomore Rylie Campbell. So although disappointment seemed to be the main mood of the night, there were some positive notes—very few from the performers, however.


Source: http://www.vindy.com/news/2017/oct/13/hip-hop-trio-migos-coming-covelli/