Halloween Hails Students’ Sweet Tooth

Halloween Hails Students Sweet Tooth

Gracie Bencetic, Sophomore Staff Writer

Since Halloween is right around the corner, many students are thinking about what costumes to wear, with whom they’re trick-or-treating, and most importantly, what kinds of candy they hope to receive!  Whether it’s handing out the candy or receiving it, all teens and adults cheat a little bit with some sweet treats.. Everyone has their favorite candies. Some people enjoy sweets such as chocolates, while others prefer sour and salty.  According to the Daily Mail online, the “25 Most Popular Candies on Halloween” conclude their list with unpopular choices like Life Savers, Whoppers, and Licorice; while Skittles, M & M’s and Snickers lead at the first, second and third spots respectively.  So what candies do students prefer at Hubbard High School?

Chocolate is a fan favorite of many students in school, particularly Carmellos. “I don’t know I’ve always enjoyed them ever since I was a little kid,” says sophomore Joe Langley. Another chocolate lover, senior Aspen Bell, says she admits her favorite candy are Kit Kats. “I like how they crunch and how they’re also very chocolatey.” Other students prefer a more sour approach. Senior Benton Pasku enjoys Lemon Heads. “They’re different than other kinds of candy,  and I prefer sour over sweet candies any day.”

It’s definitely true that students at Hubbard High School have diverse opinions on the topic. Another student says she doesn’t like candy at all. Sophomore Harley Senek explains, “I  don’t know; I don’t really like candy anymore. I’d prefer to have an actual meal over candy.”

A popular choice aside from those of the chocolate lovers is the sweet snack:Skittles. In this way, Hubbardites agree with the national poll.  When asked what his favorite candy was, sophomore Anthony Gagliardi responded with, “Skittles because I like to taste the rainbow, and there are many different flavors.” It seems that the catchy rainbow phrase is as popular as the candy itself; in fact the “Taste the Rainbow” phrase may have contributed to the candy’s popularity.  

One idea is completely unanimous and universal: Many students of all ages, from elementary to high school, look forward to the Halloween solely to enjoy their favorite candies.


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