Let’s Tally Trick or Treat


Madison Barton, Junior Staff Writer

Halloween is one of America’s most popular holidays. Carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, and going to haunted houses are just a few ways to celebrate the American tradition. Surely all of these activities are fun, but how much are they costing us?

According to online statistics, the total spent on Halloween in 2017 (including candy, costumes, activities and decorations) was a whopping $9.1 billion, a record-breaker. This means the average buyer spent $86.13. Prices this year are only expected to rise, as the expectation for the average buyer is $86.79. Although this isn’t as much as what is spent during Christmas or Thanksgiving, it’s still a high price tag. So, what factors contribute to all of this money being spent?

There are countless Halloween activities to participate in each year. One of the most popular activities is haunted house/hayride attractions. On average, haunted houses cost about $20 to experience. Another enjoyable activity during the spooky season is to watch scary movies. Nowadays, movie theaters can cost anywhere from $10 to $14. Watching one movie is fairly inexpensive, but it starts to get pricey after a few trips to the theatre.

Perhaps the biggest tradition during Halloween is trick-or-treating. This activity can get extremely expensive, as lots of candy is purchased to pass out on this special day. Costumes and decorations are also an essential part of Halloween. Yes, Americans invest lots of money on Halloween, and the costs of these activities quickly add up.

Many students here at Hubbard High School observe and celebrate Halloween. Some students shared their thoughts on the money spent celebrating. When Jackie Adler, junior, was asked whether or not she believes Americans spend too much on Halloween, she replied, “Yes, for sure. We definitely go overboard on the candy.” Paige Elekes, another junior at Hubbard High, also shared her opinion. She stated, “Yes, I think most of the attractions are a waste of money, and they aren’t even all that scary.”

Americans love to super size everything, and apparently this philosophy applies to the expense of Halloween.  So while you enjoy the fun of this spooky holiday, remember to tabulate the cost because it will quickly become surprisingly expensive.