How to Have an Out-of-this-World Homecoming

How to Have an Out-of-this-World Homecoming

Taylor Perline, Junior Staff Writer

Missed out on the September 20th “Area-51 Raid?” Never fear! Homecoming 2019, “Cruisin’ Through the Cosmos” is right around the corner!  While students may not have been able to snag a cosmonaut to slow dance with, on  Saturday, October 12th from 7-10 pm., they can have an out-of-this-world  good time with the entire school.  But how is one supposed to prepare for such a grand event?  This is an important question to consider, and this reporter has some excellent answers. 


  • The Perfect Group: What is homecoming without a group of people to dance the night away with you? Whether going to the dance with a date or best buds, a tight group to eat and party the night away with is essential for a good time. If you are looking for a date, why not ask somebody? A funny poster board sign and a small gift is the perfect way to score a date to homecoming. ”Sometimes it’s better to go with friends, even if you’re in a relationship. You’ll have a lot more fun hanging out with who you want,” said junior Sydney Vaupel. So don’t waste time; start to put your group together asap.


  • The Perfect Outfit: What students wear should be what they love. One could sparkle like the stars in the night sky or opt for something more simple, but elegant. The perfect outfit is always a more painstaking decision for the girls than it is for the guys. Some enjoy dressing to the theme, but most just wear whatever suits them best. Sophomore Elijah Chambers, states, “I’m excited to wear my dark blue suit and tie. It makes me feel classy.”  According to online sources, girls can spend in the hundreds for their Homecoming dresses, and boys spend at least a $100.00 on a suit, so try to get something that you love and feel good wearing.


  • The Perfect Pictures: While pictures are available at the dance, it is common for students to find other places to photograph themselves and their friends beforehand. Popular places include Harding Park, Buhl Park, and many take pictures in front of their own houses. It is common to take pictures at a gazebo or around flowers and trees. For wherever attendees take pictures, just make sure to smile!


  • The Perfect Plans for After the Dance: While thrilling, never-ending afterparties may not be for everyone, they definitely are for some. It is common to see students advertise their afterparties on Snapchat or simply tell their friends directly. For those who partied enough at the dance, going out to eat is always a good option–even if munchies are provided at the dance. Some even go to amusement or water parks. “I plan on going to Cedar Point after Homecoming. I’m almost as excited for that as the actual dance,” says senior Kaitlyn McCarthy.


No matter what students choose to do or how they prepare, they should make sure to turn this year’s homecoming into one that they’ll never forget!