The Show Must Go On!


Taylor Perline, Senior Staff Writer

Like any other activity recently, Hubbard High School’s Drama Club has been troubled by COVID-19. A year ago, the Drama Club had been performing their fall play, Alice in Wonderland, to a crowd of maskless and non-socially distanced fans. This past spring, the club had been hard at work on their production of Oliver!, a musical depicting the tale of an orphaned boy’s adventures set in early 1800’s England. Unfortunately, this show had to be cancelled due to concerns of COVID-19. With strict regulations around gatherings of people, what is a club that is based around performing for large groups of people supposed to do?

Fortunately, Miss Davis, the Drama Club Adviser, had a solution! She proposed an open workspace for those interested in theatre to create and work on their own theatrical projects. “We’re doing this to keep our group together and working on our skills, keep the community interested in our future performances, and to provide an outlet for students to express themselves,” said Miss Davis.

So, what is one supposed to do in this workspace? The possibilities are endless! Singing, dancing, acting, poetry readings, impromptu skits, and playing an instrument are just some of the activities allowed in this haven. Students can perform solo or with a group of friends. For those students who aren’t comfortable performing in front of others, behind-the-scenes activities (makeup, costuming, script-writing, etc) may be their forte!

Hoping to be cast in one of the Drama Club’s shows? Unfortunately, due to restrictions concerning COVID-19, there will not be a fall play this year. However, members of the club have already begun thinking about what musical they would like to perform in the spring. “I hope that we do a good show in the spring. Maybe The Little Mermaid. We need an amazing show that will give us one last opportunity to shine,” stated senior Isabella Sandberg. And shine they will, since the theatrical workspace is allowing a venue for practice.  If students would like to get involved in the Drama Club and learn more about this theatrical workspace, they are welcome to speak to Miss Davis to find out when they can attend a meeting!