How to Improve Well-Being through Productivity and Mindful Meditation

How to Improve Well-Being through Productivity and Mindful Meditation

Gabriella Trobek, Junior Staff Writer

Well-being can be identified as how a person is feeling both physically and mentally and how he/she functions in both personal and social lives. A well-rounded person with a good mindset is often more productive and has a good relationship with others. He or she typically has an overall positive and easy-going lifestyle. Many people would love to have this productive, positive life, yet so many struggle with finding out how to get there.

So the question becomes: How to establish a better sense of well-being?  We can start taking  action in our own house. Positive productivity is part of the key. Sophomore Evan Flynn states,   “I feel most productive after I have finished cleaning my room. I feel put together and ready to accomplish anything.”  Simply making the bed in the morning is an easy way to get one’s day started productively. That way, once a person comes home from a long day of school or work, the first thing he or she will see in the bedroom is a freshly made bed. Just taking time to feel more organized through simple steps–instant clean-up, list making, etc., can change the way one’s day progresses. 

Another technique to improve well-being is something called Mindful Meditation. The definition is “Mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body.”  The most important thing involved in this therapy is relaxing one’s mind. However, it’s hard to completely relax the mind because there are typically multiple ideas running through it every minute of every day. If everyday, someone takes five minutes to stop and focus on breathing, then he or she will already be more at ease than before. It’s something that’s easier said than done, but with practice it’s possible. Taking time to breath throughout the day helps calm one’s racing heart and can help to see things from a different perspective. Consider some tips from this guided Mindful Meditation video:

This reporter asked sophomore Ashlee Maiorano how she calms herself down when she feels anxious or overworked. Her response was: “ When I am feeling stressed and mentally exhausted, I like to listen to music because it relaxes my mind and body.” Researchers at Stanford University state:  “Listening to music seems to be able to charge brain functioning to the same extent as medications.” These are things that can be done in one’s day-to-day life that can change both well-being and productivity tremendously. High school students must balance a stressful schedule. The balancing of school, homework, and a job can cause a lot of pressure. Make sure to take time throughout the day to create a positive mental state by focusing on both productivity and meditation.