The Nightmare Before Christmas: Is it a Halloween or a Christmas Movie?


Aubrey Harris, Freshman Staff Writer

For those that don’t know, The Nightmare Before Christmas’is about a skeleton king, named Jack, who is discontent with the way his town  spends Halloween every year.  Jack lives in a place called Halloween Town, which is filled with Halloween characters.  While on a walk the day after Halloween, Jack learns of Christmas.  He is amazed by the “new” holiday and decides that he wants it to be his.  While thinking he is making Christmas better he kidnaps Santa and ruins Christmas for the whole world.  In the end, after he finally comes to his senses, Jack helps save Santa and fix Christmas. 

One of the biggest questions about The Nightmare Before Christmas is whether it is a Halloween or Christmas movie.  Over the years there have been a lot of different thoughts on the subject.  Many believe that it is a Christmas movie, while others believe that it is a Halloween movie.  Jackson Corbett states, “I would say it is more of a Halloween movie because the majority of the movie takes place in Halloween land and most of the characters are Halloween mythos.”  Gianna Menz also agrees, she states, “It’s a Halloween movie because it involves more Halloween characters and settings than Christmas.” However, there are those that think that the movie is a Christmas movie.  Niko Papini says, “Christmas is in the name.”  Hayleigh Fox even says that it is both a Halloween and a Christmas movie.  She states, “Jack Skellington is Halloween but then he tries to steal Christmas.”  A majority of people have come to the conclusion that the movie is a Halloween movie.  However, what do you think?  Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas movie?