Mrs. Gasser: From Teacher to Guidance Counselor 

Gabi Gasser, Freshman Staff Writer

This year Hubbard High School has welcomed a new guidance counselor. Mrs. Gasser took the place of Mrs. Haidris– the former M-Z guidance counselor– when she moved to the middle school. Mrs. Gasser is a former honors science teacher at Hubbard Middle School where she taught for 10 years. She then decided to continue her career at Hubbard but as something new, a guidance counselor.

   Mrs. Gasser is well liked by all her students. “Mrs. Gasser is kind and helpful and doesn’t judge” states Niko Papini, a freshman at Hubbard High School. She is very happy she gets to continue helping all her students in more ways then just teaching. “Being a teacher I already get to talk to the kids and I wanted to continue teaching and help them throughout school,” Mrs. Gasser says. 

    Mrs. Gasser says, “There are different points of happiness with it, I love getting to spend more time with my students and helping them with other aspects of their life other than just teaching.” She doesn’t choose counseling over teaching or teaching over counseling, she will love them both, because she gets to be with her students.

    Mrs. Gasser has taught science for over 20 years and continues to help, educate and influence her students as a counselor. “I love Mrs. Gasser being my counselor. She was my teacher for the past two years and always made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Even now as a counselor, she still continues to do the same.” says Aubrey Middlestead, a freshman at Hubbard High School. 

  Mrs. Gasser loves Hubbard and wouldn’t change anything about the students or staff. She accepts the challenge of her career change, but won’t quit knowing she already works with the best people. She hopes to grow closer with her students and really help them with their future.