Conspiracy Theories: Part One/ Aliens: The Truth is Out There


Max Korenyi-Both, Junior Staff Writer

With the popularity of shows from the past like The X-Files, and the now popular Neflix shows like Stranger Things and The Colony, most Americans tend to believe in the possibility that aliens have contacted Earth or even live among us today, and that their existence has been corroborated, but hidden by certain elements in our own government. It is a typical, but potentially credible conspiracy theory.

But first, why should anyone believe in a conspiracy theory? According to an online article in the Washington Post, “50% of Americans believe in some conspiracy theory. Some of the most popular include the “birther” conspiracy about Obama (endorsed by about 25 percent), the “truther” conspiracy about 9/11 (endorsed by about 19 percent), the theory that the FDA is deliberately withholding natural cures for cancer (endorsed by 40 percent), and the theory that the Fed intentionally orchestrated the 2008 recession (endorsed by 19 percent).”  

“I’m really interested in conspiracy theories; they always make me think that what I thought to be true has been wrong the whole time,” says Junior Lukas Mosora. Conspiracies give people a new way to think about how an event or a phenomena could have happened rather than the popularly accepted version of that event/phenomena.  These theories are not always wrong; some turn out to be true, and some people will dedicate their lives try prove them to be true.

For instance, there are millions of people who claim to have seen a UFO or claim to have been abducted, but no one can ever get a real answer on whether or not these claims are real. Just recently, according to online articles, Stanton Friedman, a Canadian nuclear physicist, has become a very popular with his claims of alien life. Friedman has worked on the Roswell project and other classified projects for an American aerospace company. Speaking to, he said: “We have enough to prove without a shadow of a doubt that planet Earth is being visited by aliens…This is kept from people because who would want the world in upheaval? There would be mass panic and distress.”

Friedman has brought many government officials into court, and when asked about the existence of or visitation of aliens, they all seem to give different answers or even claim they can not answer with a simple “yes” or “no.”  And why is that, one would wonder?  

A supportive belief that lends logic to the idea that the alien “truth is out there”  is that with how large this universe is, it’s impossible, even egocentric, to think that there’s no other life forms in existence. Some seem to forget that there’s much more out there than just our solar system. Scientists have found many planets with water sources on them, and have even gone public with research of alien like frequencies emanating from space. Possibly this information is covered up by the global governments because any alien life will be much more advanced than that of human life, and humans would see this advancement as a threat.

Take a look back at ancient times. The scriptures that were written all add up to the idea that alien life once visited earth–there are even television shows that expound this belief (Ancient Aliens-the History Channel). Things like the pyramids or Stonehenge are historical landmarks that no one can explain. “How could those rocks have even gotten there? People did not have the technology we have today back then,” remarked junior Mikey VanSuch. It seems that every time there is an alien encounter evident to the public, the government somehow covers these headlines up, hence the beginnings of a conspiracy theory.

Aliens may be among us; the proof to extraterrestrial life seems to be getting more believable every day. “I’ve always believed in alien life, and I think it would be awesome to see a life different from our own,” says junior Anthony Corrin. And many others would like to see the same.  The proof is out there; hopefully, one day the world may recognize and understand.