Painted Parking Spaces Highlight Student Creativity


Sidney Marenkovic, Sophomore Staff Writer

How can your display your personality creatively today?  In an academic institution, sometimes it’s hard or uncomfortable to stand out as “unique.”  However, multiple schools around the area observe the tradition of allowing licensed students to paint and personalize their own assigned parking spots, thus encouraging this creativity. Schools like Howland High are one example.

This creative process could set a new tradition for the senior classes of Hubbard High School each year. Every senior student could have the option to participate, but he or she would not be required to engage in the activity. Another option to allow this creativity is to permit all juniors and seniors with parking passes and permission from the school to decorate their own parking space at the introduction of the school year. Then, at the conclusion of the school year, the parking spots will be washed away or painted over for the next year’s junior and senior classes.

Although this would be an extremely creative student opportunity, there are many problems that could arise. Caution would need to be taken regarding how students may paint or personalize their own parking spot. Vulgar language would need to be avoided so that the privilege of personalizing their own parking spots would not be taken away. Junior Savannah McBride states, “I don’t think it would be a good idea because after the school year is over, it would be difficult to repaint all of the spaces–it would be a yearly problem.” One additional problem is that there are students who do not want assigned parking spaces.

However, many studies continue to show that creativity in schools is quickly being eliminated. The Creativity Post says, “A recent study found that there is a gap between creative expression at home and at school.”  This unique and personal project could help with this issue in high schools. Math teacher Andrea Stamp states, “I think it would be a good fundraising opportunity for the school, as long as it maintained in good school spirit.” Junior Giavanna Hosack comments, “That’s a creative idea; I would just watch profanity in the art of the parking spot painting.”

Many students at HHS agree that personalizing parking spots would be an entertaining and creative idea for all students.  There are various pros and cons to this suggestion, but overall, the uniqueness and personality that would come out of this project would be something that the students and staff of Hubbard High School have never seen before. What better way to display your very own individual personality and uniqueness?