Words of Wisdom for Freshmen

Words of Wisdom for Freshmen

Rylie Campbell, Junior Staff Writer

Freshman year is year full of learning and growing.  Although it does mean being the underdog of a new school, many great experiences can come from a student’s freshman year.  Please don’t underestimate the value of this rite of passage. According to College Vine online: “Starting high school is major milestone.  Grades and course selection really do matter for the future.”

On a quest to learn what would make life easier for these  high school “newbies”, this reporter learned what upperclassmen recommend as best advice for students coming up to the high school.


  • Don’t Slack Off: Just because it is freshman year doesn’t mean a student’s grades don’t matter.  If a freshman does all his/her work and ends up with good grades, that student’s GPA will benefit from the start!  What a freshman does at the beginning counts for the rest of his or her high school career. Junior Reese Best says, “If you slack off now it is hard to get your GPA up in the future.”
  • Utilize Progress book:  To help with the above suggestion, utilize Progressbook, HHS’s online gradebook app. Remember, it is there for you as well as your parents and teachers.  Track those grades and build your rank when it’s easiest–as a freshman. As College Vine states: “Ultimately your freshman year grades are important because they will weigh into your GPA and affect your class rank, both of which are factors that a college admissions committee is very interested in” (Sundquist).



  • Ask for Help: High school is harder than middle school, so a freshman may find him or herself confused at some points, but don’t get stressed! Inform the teacher, explain the confusion, and the teacher will help to save the student from falling behind.  Homework help is also a great option that many students in high school use to stay on track. Junior Grace Ryser states, “Homework help after school helped my algebra grade a lot last year!”
  • Make New Friends: Staying social is very important in high school.  Although it may seem like a lot of work, high school should also be one of the most enjoyable times a student has in his/her life.  Student sections at sporting events, talking to new people in class, and joining clubs are just a few ways to stay social. Sophomore Chris Daniels suggests, “Be yourself, don’t try to be different and don’t make too many upperclassmen friends because you get sad when they leave.”
  • Stay Organized: A freshman may find him or herself feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork.  Don’t worry, it will all get done. Keeping a planner will help a student to  list all your assignments and due dates. Keeping one’s locker and binders organized is helpful as well; this way a student can always find his or her school work.  Staying organized has also been proven to relieve stress. Junior Madi Barton explains, “I use color coordination with my binders and book covers, so I know exactly what I need for certain classes.”


These are just a few tips that will help a freshman succeed during his or her first high school year.  If a student stays on top of his/her game, this year should be a blast! Remember high school only gets better if a little effort is extended.

Source: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-important-is-freshman-year-of-high-school/f his/her game, this year should be a blast! Remember high school only gets better!