Career Crunch Time

Cailey Tingler, Senior Staff Writer

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Planning for the future can be stressful. With their time in high school coming to an end and a new chapter of their lives beginning, HHS seniors must figure out what career they wish to pursue probably for the rest of their lives, while also figuring out if the career they plan on pursuing will provide a liveable income. Information found from the Business Insider online, lists the top five present careers as: registered nursing, application developers, general and operations managers, financial managers, and specialist surgeons. So perhaps it’s time for seniors to learn a little more about these.

Registered nurses take the top as the most promising career. RNs are nurses who assist doctors in surgery, tend to patients and record symptoms. The median annual earnings for an RN was $68,450 in 2016, according to sources. By 2026, there is expected to be more than 400,000 nursing job positions available. Senior Lillian Kish says, “Being a nurse would be cool; you get to meet interesting people and help them.”  That being said, there are elements that may make nursing distasteful to some, like blood, needles, catheters and other “unpleasantries”; you get the idea.

Application developers rank as the second top promising career.  This job includes making software applications and programs and testing them for computers. With an expected opening of over 250,000 jobs and a median annual earning of $100,080 in 2016, the job outlook for application developers is promising, states sources. So if you tend to be a computer nerd, then this career choice might be the one for you.

General and operations managers plan, organize, and direct the plans of various organizations. This job includes helping maintain the areas of companies or the area of private and public organizations. The job outlook is 205,900 new job positions in 2026 with a median annual earning of $99,310 in 2016. This job is perfect for anyone who tends to be an organizer and careful planner.

Financial managers are hired by companies to monitor financial reports and accounts, determine if there are any good business opportunities, as well as other fiscal aspects.  In 2016, according to sources, the annual median earnings for a financial manager was $121,750. The job expectancy is over 108,000 in 2026. If someone has a head for figures and finance, then this career would be a perfect fit.

Specialist surgeons are focused on a selected area of the medical field. With a median annual earning of $206,920, this job requires a medical or doctoral degree. Senior Kelsey Tingler says, “I can’t wait to be able to help someone as a neurosurgeon.” Specialized medical jobs like these don’t provide instantaneous rewards, so if you are the kind of student who can sacrifice now for big benefits later, then this career field might be for you.

All of these careers should carry an appeal for someone as long as he or she is e willing to put in the time, effort and training to achieve the job. Hopefully, by the end of the year, no seniors will be struggling to figure out their future.

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