Astrology Series 2: Signs and Their Symbols


Skylar Sakonyi, Senior Staff Writer

In my last article, I introduced the meaning of astrology and the most commonly known sign, the Sun sign. However, astrology does not stop there. There are more factors that I will discuss that contribute to someone’s personality.

There are two other signs that have a huge influence on one’s behavior. The Moon sign is determined by the position of the moon and the location of the person at the time of birth. A Moon sign deals with the more emotional, romantic side of a person; it controls one’s innermost feelings and ideas. If someone does not agree with the defining qualities of their Sun sign, it is generally because they see their inner feelings within their Moon sign. The Rising sign is, as sources say, is “the sign of the Zodiac that is rising on the eastern horizon” when one is born. It is quite the opposite of a Moon sign; a Rising sign determines how someone is seen from the outside. It controls first impressions and the way someone converses with others. According to sources, it can even go as far as contributing to a person’s appearance.

The easiest way to determine your birth chart is to submit your information into an online calculator, such as The date, time, and place of birth are required in order to verify the position of the stars when someone is born. The natal chart will assign a certain sign of the Zodiac to different types of signs, such as Sun, Moon, and Rising. There are twelve signs of the Zodiac, and each of them is represented by a symbol. The signs are: Aries (The Ram), Taurus (The Bull), Gemini (The Twins), Cancer (The Crab), Leo (The Lion), Virgo (The Virgin), Libra (The Scales), Scorpio (The Scorpion), Sagittarius (The Archer), Capricorn (The Goat), Aquarius (The Water Bearer), and Pisces (The Fish). Each sign is tied to certain traits. According to, Geminis are known to be resourceful, wise, and adventurous, but they are notorious for being restless, two-faced, and overwhelmed. Hubbard seniors Sydney Stubrich and Elisabeth Krinos both have Gemini as their Sun sign. “I would agree with most of the Gemini traits, but I don’t think I’m two-faced; at least not on purpose!” said Stubrich. Krinos, though, is a bit more skeptical. “I don’t agree with most of them; I’m not very adventurous, and most of the Geminis I know don’t fit that description either,” she said. However, she may just have a deeper connection to her Moon sign than most people.

Astrology is not certain, but it is interesting to learn about such a developed theory. This is only the beginning; don’t be afraid to dig deep and see if you believe in the power of the universe!