The Danger of Diet Pills


Brooke Papini, Sophomore Staff Writer

To people all over the world, appearance means everything, and many will try anything to improve their appearance. According to most studies, teen girls, in particular, are susceptible to the influence of the media in their quest to look as thin and as beautiful as possible. Many turn towards dieting pills in hopes of accomplishing these goals.  This may seem like a good option to some, but they truly don’t know the consequences and the potential side effects of these non prescription drugs

Diet pills contain substances that make one seem full, or not hungry, and they stimulate the body to burn calories. Studies have shown these products have more negative effects on the body than positive ones. Some of these include: heart attacks, strokes, anxiety, sleepiness, migraines, and seizures. Most of these side effects can be life threatening, and at the very least, can affect one’s daily schedule. Joella Coxson, sophomore, remarks, “You never know what other things are in these drugs and their effects on the body. These pills could affect your body later in life and cause major health issues.” According to sources, many dietary supplements do not follow the same guidelines as prescription medication and aren’t required to be tested for safety and effectiveness before being placed on the market. Consider, for instance, some of the dangers of the popular weight loss pill Hydroxycut.  According to Live, this popular pill can cause “seizures, renal failure, liver damage, irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps and seizures.” Still, one can find this product on most store shelves.

When a diet pill is put out to the public, the ingredients listed may not be accurate. The pill may have an improper balance of ingredients, and the risks of the pill are unclear without thorough testing.  In addition, manufacturers aren’t required to include warning labels about ingredients listed in the pill. One may think these pills are safe, but in reality nobody has a clear idea as to what these companies are hiding. Customers are choosing to put themselves at risk for small hopes of losing weight.

People who utilize diet pills also open the door for the chance of addiction or eating disorders. The pill itself may not lead to an eating disorder, but studies show that people with eating disorders tend to use dieting pills for weight control. Taking these dieting pills, especially under conditions like this, may worsen side effects and lead to addiction. Even though dieting pills are being used as a temporary “fix”, several users may find themselves unable to breakaway from these pills, leading to addiction. After an addiction has started, it’s extremely hard to breakaway from that lifestyle and could cause severe lifetime effects.

 Individuals trying to lose weight should opt for other options rather than jumping straight to dieting pills. There are plenty of other choices, such as proper nutrition, dieting, and exercise. Junior Cassie Herberger says, “Dieting pills are very dangerous. I would much rather put in the time to lose weight instead of taking the chance of the pills not working and damaging my body.”

So if you may be considering the “easy fix” of losing weight via diet pills; remember that there are many better options for dieting, along with friends and family providing support. Dieting pills are unpredictable and often ruin lives in a matter of weeks and months. It’s best to take the safe route and stay far away from diet pills!