Something to Crow About

Brianna Scarmack, Sophomore Staff Writer

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“Something to Crow About” is the catchphrase for the yearly Canfield event at the fairgrounds which features a little something for everyone who attends.  This year was no different. The fair festivities started on August 28th and went until September 2nd. It is estimated that this year 295,781 people attended.  Today it is run by the Mahoning County Agricultural Society and a board with seven members. The tickets range from six-eight dollars for the one-day ticket; the three-day pass costs around 15 dollars, and the six-day pass costs around 30 dollars. 

Every year the Canfield Fair boasts many events. Some of the highlights this year were: Trucks and Tractor Derbies, the Pentatonix concert, and a goat parade. This year the fair attempted to set the record for the biggest goat parade with 62 goats were in attendance. There were also many rides at the fair. However, Mr. Chris Moriaty, an English teacher here at HHS stated, “I shy away from the rides because they are hastily assembled, and I am rather afraid of hastily assembled rides.” Even though the rides are put up quickly, many people find them thrilling.

Another big attraction that people look forward to at the fair is the food. Sophomore Adrienne Elliot, said “Ever since we moved to Hubbard, which was around 2008, we have been going to the fair. I like all the food varieties because you can find anything fried there. My favorite food is the cotton candy that they have.” Some favorite foods of fair-goers include french fries, funnel cakes, nachos, and deep-fried Oreos. According to ABC News, the most popular fair food now is deep fried Oreos.  Moriarty commented: “I first visited the fair in 1981, went most years since then. Many years I attended multiple days. I enjoy the food and socializing. For a few years I worked there as a member of the media, and those days were awesome also because the food was usually free. My favorite food at the Canfield Fair is the sausage sandwich. I also enjoy the fries and the elephant ears. The cavatelli and meatballs are also very good, but my all time favorite is the sausage sandwich. I get it with peppers and onions and cheese and some sauce.”  Even though the food is a very big part at the Canfield Fair–especially for Moriarty, there are also many things to see and enjoy including all of the rides, exhibits, activities, games and visits with friends and family. So if you want to have some end-of-the-summer fun, take some time out to attend next year’s Canfield Fair.