Link Leadership: Freshmen Mentor Program at HHS


Madison Barton, Assistant Editor

A new school year provides an opportunity for many new beginnings. One new addition to Hubbard High School in this 2019-2020 school year is a club called “Link Crew,” advised by Mrs. Andrea Stamp and Mrs. Laura McCleery.  It consists of 40 students, a mixture of juniors and seniors, who were chosen through teacher nominations and committee . The most important qualification a student must have to get into the club is to simply be a nice person. This limited qualification might seem strange, for not very many clubs seem to particularly focus on the kindness of a student, but that’s what makes Link Crew so different.

The reason that Link Crew doesn’t let any and every student join is because it requires the students to be truly willing to help. The main point of Link is to have the upperclassmen, juniors and seniors, help the freshmen throughout their very first year of high school. The selected upperclassmen actually had to train for this membership in this club. They started to train at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, and then spent ten hours training over the summer. Right before the school year started, the freshmen were strongly encouraged to join the Link Leaders in the high school gym, concluding their orientation for a fun day of activities. Each freshman was assigned to a group consisting of ten other freshmen, and they were led by two Link Leaders. This day spent together between the Leaders and freshmen lasted for five hours and included many events. The Link Leaders engaged in  several activities with the freshmen to try and break them out of their comfort zones and introduce them to other people. Some of the activities included: learning each others’ names, playing multiple games, and even sharing advice on how to make getting through high school easier.

Not only did the Link Leaders spend time with the freshmen in the summer, but they have also started socializing with them during the school year as well. On one nice, sunny school day, the Link Leaders invited the freshmen outside during all lunch periods to enjoy lunch and play games, one of these being kickball. The Link Leaders will continue to guide the freshmen through the rest of the school year.

Many students and staff members are very excited to have this club at Hubbard High School this year. Senior Sogol Nasseri, who is a member of the Link Crew, shares her opinion of Link: “I really think that the Link Crew does make a difference in the way that freshmen view high school. Most people are scared to go to high school, but when the freshmen now start out already knowing some upperclassmen, it is very helpful.” Laney McCallister, senior, also comments on this club, saying: “Although I am not a part of Link Crew, I think it is a great addition to the school. I think it would be very helpful because I remember being nervous as a freshman, but I think if we had Link then I would’ve been less scared.” It is obvious that the new Link Crew at Hubbard High School has overall had a positive impact on the school, and will continue to as the years go on. It is a great opportunity to mentor and connect students throughout multiple grades. It will also make students feel more welcome as they enter the high school.