Fashion Trends: Throwbacks or Throw it Away?


Sara Sahagun, Sophomore Staff Writer

Have you ever heard someone say “History repeats itself?” Well, that same expression also applies to the latest fashion trends. Fashion is constantly changing and repeating itself without many even realizing it. Celebrities nationwide are starting to wear these “old but new” styles, influencing the fashion conscious across America.

Most of the fads worn today have been brought back from the past. These styles became more and more popular as celebrities modeled them on the red carpet and posted them on their social media accounts. Social media is the perfect venue for one to gain attention and become popular, and the fashionistas know it. With that said, let’s hop into a time machine and explore some of the fashion trends and styles that were left in the past, but have returned once again–for better or worse.

Denim clothing has made a huge comeback this past decade. High-waisted, straight-legged jeans, better known as “mom jeans” have re-arrived on the fashion scene. They first became popular in the 1980’s and 90’s, but people lost interest in them after middle-aged women began wearing them, which explains the name they were given. Celebrities, influencers, and teens around the world have begun to recycle the idea; they have started wearing the old-school jeans again. Gabriella Jones, student at Hubbard High School, also wears the straight-legged jeans. She shares her opinion on them by saying, “I have like four pairs of mom jeans. I feel like they’re the most comfortable choice out there, and I can wear them with any top. I love them!” 

 Aother article of clothing that has been making a return is that of overalls. There are overall skirts, pants, and shorts. They were popular in the 90’s and,  according to fashion sources, were originally created by Levi Strauss as a piece of protective clothing for workers. These garments have been worn by celebrities such as: Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and many others. 

Many accessories from the past are also invading fashion magazines. Platform sandals and choker necklaces  are both reappearing into today’s hot looks. Platform sandals were popular between the 1970’s until around the early 2000’s, before they went out of style. They have the same shape as normal sandals, but the soles are elevated just like in other platform shoes. Choker necklaces, on the other hand, have been popular on and off throughout history since the 1920’s. Sources explain that they were referred to as “colliers de chien” which means “dog collars.” They went out of style for some time, and then came back in the 40’s as a way for women to show their rebellious side. The tight necklaces have been in and out of style many times between the 1920’s and now. Just about a whole century has passed, and the necklaces are returning yet again. Marysa Chuey, a sophomore from Hubbard says, “Chokers can be cute if worn with the correct

outfit. Sometimes, people need to accept the fact that certain items go out of style for a reason.” Chokers can be worn in so many different styles, making outfits more unique.

 Fashion from the past has been returning  and recycling throughout the decades. Designers are constantly reinventing these throwback looks into something modern with the same vintage feel. How many of these trends have you worn without realizing they’re part of fashion history?