HHS Welcomes Foreign Exchange Student Ramos from Real Madrid


Sara Sahagun, Junior Staff Writer

This school year Hubbard High School has received the opportunity to welcome a new foreign exchange student from Real Madrid, Spain named Hugo Ramos. Most students know of the city of Madrid, but may be unfamiliar with the classification of “Real Madrid.”  According to sources, Real Madrid is actually a political classification, with this section of Madrid strongly supporting Spanish nationalism. Barcelona supposedly represents Catalan nationalism, but either way, the two soccer/Spanish football clubs from these different areas are the biggest rivals ever. (Fútbol asociación)

Sixteen year old Hugo Ramos comes to us from this background, and he is a current student at Hubbard High School for the 2020-2021 school year. Ramos has been learning and perfecting his English since he was six years old and he explains: “I think English is a very important language for my future, and I wanted to improve it by learning in the United States.” According to Ramos, in Spain, English is a required course in school just like students at HHS are required to take a foreign language. This foreign exchange student has visited many different countries for the past 16 years, including France, Italy, Croatia, and now the United States of America.

Not only is Ramos studying in a different country, but he’s also a student athlete. He’s now a part of the Hubbard Boys Soccer team, and he’s been playing soccer since he was three or four. Ramos is a varsity starter and plays alongside one of his many new friends, Jaden Johnston. Junior Johnston says, “Having Hugo on the team has been a great experience. Not only do I have him as a friend, but I am learning about another culture and his soccer techniques, which are different some ways.” Ramos has said that his favorite thing about Hubbard so far is the treatment he’s received from everyone. He said that he’s been making friends very easily, but some of his closest friends include: Jaden Johnston, Kaden Clay, Eric Trickett, Gabi Jones, and Sara Sahagun. It seems that a lot of people have been doing a good job of making him feel welcome and at home in this new educational environment. 

Although Ramos has been enjoying the experience so far, there are struggles. As for his classes, he struggles most in Government and in English. The way English is taught in Spain is similar to the way Spanish is taught in the United States; often times that textual knowledge is very different from the day-to-day conversational use of language. Aside from some academic difficulties, Hugo is also missing his family and friends back home. He said that the past week has been very difficult for him, and he’s gotten a bit homesick since family is a big part of his life. He loves them dearly and already can’t wait to see them, but Ramos is excited for the rest of his year here at Hubbard High School. 

Let’s wish him the best of luck in both his sport and academic endeavors, and when you see his smiling face in the halls, try to make him feel welcome.



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