Instagram or Snapchat: Which Social Media Platform Pleases Most?


Gillian Ryser, Junior Staff Writer

Today, social media platforms are teens’ primary way of communication, the most popular being Instagram and Snapchat.While both are very popular, they are used for different purposes. Snapchat is primarily used for communication with one person or a small group of people, while Instagram is used for posting something that all of someone’s followers can see. Instagram is definitely the way to go if someone looking to find something out about a person, but Snapchat is more useful in communicating with them. 

Many teens use Snapchat primarily for talking to close friends or meeting new people. Making new friends is easy. One can find them in many different ways such as quick add, searching their name, or adding them off of a mention in someone’s story. Other people can do the same in order to find you. A user can only communicate with the people whom he or she has mutually added. Communication can involve pictures, chats, or put both together. These posts last for 24 hours only, and after that time period one’s post is no longer available to view. A user is able to save the pictures taken with a Snapchat camera and have those memories separate from the normal camera roll. 

On the other hand, Instagram is more extensive in its perks. It is mostly used for posting pictures every so often in order to get likes. These posts are not deleted over time, but a user can remove them from his or her feed whenever desired. Followers can publicly like or comment on a post, and a user can do the same to theirs. Caroline Foresy’s article titled “How to Use Instagram: A Beginners Guide” states that Instagram’s sole purpose is to post pictures and videos for someone’s followers to interact with. Some teens agree with this statement, while others try and compete to get as many followers and likes as they can. 

In a poll of 50 conducted with the student body of Hubbard High School, 23% preferred Instagram while 77% preferred Snapchat. A large portion of Hubbard’s student body has both social media platforms, but throughout the day Snapchat is used more frequently. Senior Gracie Bencetic stated,“I prefer Instagram over Snapchat because I like how you can save photos on your wall. Also I like being able to look at funny posts on the explore page.” Junior Abbey Johns replied,“I enjoy Snapchat more because I can keep daily streaks with my close friends and use the snap map to meet up with them whenever.” 

Both platforms are widely used at Hubbard High School, and in a time that is as challenging as this, social media outlets have provided a valuable tool in lifting the spirits of Hubbard High School’s youth. Whether it be through Snapchat or Instagram, the fact that we can still communicate and connect with one another is a gift worthy of a hashtag.