Ten Reasons to be Thankful this Season


Lena Dunerkerly, Senior Staff Writer

As holiday breaks appear on the horizon, we are all starting to realize this season will be quite different than usual. Many states are advising citizens to not partake in yearly traditions due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It can be easy to start having a negative outlook as things begin to get canceled more and more frequently. With Hubbard students now moving to remote learning, and holidays being modified, here’s a few things to keep our spirits high during the unusual circumstances.


  1. Access to an education: Although our learning situation isn’t all that we may want it to be right now, it is important to realize that we are incredibly lucky to be able to have the opportunities we do. Our teachers are just an email, text or phone call away!
  2. Catching those extra z’s: I think we can all agree, remote and hybrid learning has made us all have fewer days where we have to get up at six in the morning. “I definitely enjoy getting to sleep in more on the remote days. I think it actually makes me feel more awake on the days I actually am in school. I am definitely more productive.” says Senior, Jack Slaina.
  3. Time to figure it all out: Seniors, we’ve definitely had a lot taken from us this year, but now is a great time to really look into our future. Apply to colleges, research what path you want to take, and start looking at scholarships! Look forward to the future!
  4. Experiencing the closure of election season: I think we can all agree this election was very stressful for everyone and if nothing else, demonstrated how greatly divided we are as a country. Social media pages should start clearing up from the multitude of political opinions that people tended to share all too often.
  5. Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us!: This is the perfect time for us all to snuggle up with our favorite movies, decorating, and, of course, eat our favorite meals. Not to mention- who doesn’t love listening to Christmas music? 
  6. The gift of giving: This year is a very important time to share the love, even from a distance. Don’t forget to give if you can. You can do this in so many ways such as; donating, volunteering, or checking in on your loved ones!
  7. Having good health: Now, more than ever, we have to be thankful for our health. It is incredibly important to mask up! With many people around us having health deficiencies, it is not just for us.
  8. Technology: Seriously, what would we do without it? From the multiple zoom calls we’ve all been on, the variety of streaming options, continued access to our loved ones who aren’t close, and many other benefits I think we can truly appreciate it.
  9. Finding our new talents: one great thing to be thankful for during this time is that it is the perfect time to pick up some new hobbies that you may have never found otherwise! “I’ve started crocheting in my free time, and it’s actually so fun! It is really calming and i’m pretty good at it. I’m actually planning on making my baby nephew a blanket for this Christmas! I am so excited, I think he’ll love it!” says Junior, Mckenzie Conger.
  10. Each other: It is really great how although we may be apart, we at Hubbard High have each other to keep sane. Between teachers, counselors, students, and everyone in between there is always someone to talk to and we should be thankful for the community we have in our school!


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