Tired of this Reality? Shift to a New One!


Taylor Perline, Senior Staff Writer

Many are tired of the drab, quarantine life. Staying home all day and wasting away has caused a majority of students to feel sick (no pun intended) of COVID-19 and the world it has created. Worse, the newly established curfew and closing of multiple businesses means that teenagers have significantly less mobility. Luckily, today’s TikTok stars and meditative theorists have come up with a brilliant solution: If students are unhappy with the current world that they are living in, they can “shift” to a new one!

So, what is shifting, and is there any science behind it? According to online sources, “Shifting”, not to be confused with “lucid dreaming”, is a form of meditation in which one shifts his or her subconscious mind from their current reality to their desired reality. There are a variety of methods to do this. Most techniques suggest that the participant lie on his/her back in a “starfish” position, close one’s eyes, and visualizing one’s desired reality. It may not work the first time, as some report waiting for over a month for their “shift” attempt to be successful. Luckily, once a shift attempt is successful, it is supposedly much easier to shift again.

This perceptive reality switch may sound too good to be true, but there is some science to back it up. Stemming from quantum mechanics, the “Many-Worlds Interpretation” is a scientific concept created by Bryce DeWitt. It describes that there are endless universes to match the endless possibilities created in day to day life. This means that there is a universe exactly like our own down to the smallest detail, but instead of toast, that one kid in math class chose cereal for breakfast. If this interpretation is true, that means that there is a universe somewhere out there in which any high school student is a part of any universe of their dreams.

Whether believable or not, the idea of shifting is fascinating. Any world imaginable is now attainable. Hogwarts, the Marvel Universe, or even Spongebob Squarepants is now within the grasp of anyone. One student at Hubbard, Makenzie Mastropietro, states, “I think reality shifting sounds cool. If I could do it, I would go to Hogwarts and be a wizard.” No matter if students travel to a fantasy world or one where they are rich and famous, anything is possible with reality shifting.

Although the reality of our present situation can sometimes feel inescapable, we should never lose sight of our aspirations. That is the true nature of shifting – a hope for a better future. 




How Real is “Reality Shifting?”