A Green World: Becoming More Sustainable in 2021

A Green World: Becoming More Sustainable in 2021

Ellie Lambert, Senior Staff Writer

As concerns about the future state of our planet grow, people begin to wonder what they can do in order to help preserve our planet. One easy step the average person can make is switching out a few of their everyday products for more green and sustainable products. These more eco-friendly products have less of a negative impact on the environment, help you save money over time, and have many other positive effects. Along with green products, people should also consider what other action they could take to be more sustainable.

There are many different kinds of green products. They can range from using reusable products to swapping out products for more sustainable ones. Buying and using reusable products is a great start because it reduces the amount of waste one creates. . “Did you know that 30 million tons of plastic waste was generated in the US in 2019,  and only 7 percent was recovered for recycling?” States the Green Education Foundation Online.  Single use plastic is one of the biggest polluters, so if  this could be minimized or eliminated altogether, it could greatly help the issue of pollution and climate change. Elimination of plastic can also help a person save money due to the fact he or she will not have to buy certain things as often or ever again. Senior Angelina Eusanio said, “I try to use reusable water bottles because they are better for the planet, actually keep my drinks cold, and they are so much cuter too.” Replacing single-use plastic water bottles with reusable water bottles is super easy and a great first step to becoming more sustainable. 

Another way to incorporate green products into one’s daily life is to substitute everyday products for more eco-friendly ones. Many people substitute regular milk for more sustainable options such as oat milk or rice milk. Another common substitution is using bars of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. This eliminates the need for the plastic bottles that normal soaps come in, which reduces waste. Along with reducing waste, many eco-friendly products are also better for one’s health. These products will usually have less chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients in them because they may be all-natural or organic. 

Many people do not realize how much simple things impact the environment. Instead of driving to work, someone could opt to ride a bike, walk, or take public transportation. Other simple things that majorly impact the environment are meat and dairy consumption, fast fashion, and energy sources. Shopping sustainably and using more sustainable energy sources will have a positive impact on the planet. Senior Mallory Greenamyer says, “I try to thrift and buy clothes second hand as much as possible. Fast fashion is a huge issue and has a horrible impact on the planet.” What exactly is “fast fashion” and why is it damaging, one may ask.  Fast fashion is the industry’s process of mass producing clothes, overstocking stores, then disposing of these clothes when the next season begins.  States Business Insider online: “Fast fashion makes shopping for clothes more affordable, but it comes at an environmental cost. The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics.” Thus, our planet takes a hit based on the whims of shoppers and the fashion industry.  Making small lifestyle changes like the one adopted by Mallory Greenamyer  presents one of the best ways to help our planet.

Making more eco-conscious decisions in one’s everyday life will have a big effect on the future of the environment. There are many small things that people can do, such as using sustainable and reusable products and making lifestyle changes.  If everyone took positive steps, even on a small, individual scale, it would ultimately make a big impact in the right way. Remember to use your voice; we are probably the first generation to realize that we are destroying our planet.  We must be the first generation to fight to save it.