The E-Commerce Pandemic Explosion


Albert Gerlick, Senior Staff Writer

While the Covid-19 Pandemic was wreaking havoc for some, it served as an opportunity for others. E-Commerce (Electric Commerce) refers to buying and selling goods via the internet. This method of selling products has been around since 1994. Popular companies such as Amazon, eBay, etc. are built off this template. E-commerce was already a growing market, but last year it skyrocketed. According to an article on Buzz Board: “From 2009, it took 10 years for the share of eCommerce in retail sales to grow 10 percentage points, from 5.6% to 16.0%. [However, beginning in April of 2020] it took just 8 weeks during the pandemic for the eCommerce share to grow another 11 percentage points, to 27.0% of retail sales.”   But why? 

 Covid-19 created a mass fear which caused many to panic. People were often too scared to go shopping in person so they went to the internet. Products which would normally be bought in person were being purchased online and by the masses. To limit close contact between people, stores would offer out of store pick up or a delivery option. Supplies such as hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and masks were in high demand.  According to data from Nielsen, items like hygienic and medical mask sales went up by more than 300%. In addition, food and beverage purchases increased tremendously as well. Shipbob, a shipping and fulfillment partner for ecommerce stores, gathered data from 3,000+ of their merchants and estimated that the month-over-month (January- March)  increase in online sales for food and beverage was 18.8%. 

Senior Jeff Hazy stated “ My family did a lot of their shopping online during quarantine. We ordered food very often. “ Also, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney plus saw exponential growth in their memberships and usage during quarantine. Senior Nicholas Capuzello stated “ I spent way too much time watching movies and shows on Hulu. There wasn’t much else to do in quarantine besides homework. I began watching things I never thought I would’ve taken an interest in.”

The pandemic caused E-commerce to explode in a way which the world has never seen before. Even today, as Covid-19 hopefully progresses into its last stint, E-commerce is still surging upward. 



Understanding the COVID-19 Effect on Online Shopping Behavior