Strawberries or Scurvy? The Choice is Yours

Strawberries or Scurvy?  The Choice is Yours

Evan Flynn, Sophomore Staff Writer

In today’s society, teenagers are not eating enough fruits and vegetables according to nationwide guidelines.The CDC claims teenagers are eating significantly less fruits and vegetables. The main reason that teens are not filling up on these essential nutrients is because junk food more often than not tastes better than fruits and vegetables and is more accessible.

A 2,000 calorie a day diet should consist of eating two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables each and every day, states sources. A few students at Hubbard High School were asked if they eat enough fruits and vegetables, and if not, why? Kennedy Perline, a freshman at Hubbard High School, stated: “I eat probably about one fruit and one vegetable a day. I don’t mind them, but if I do pick a snack or something over a fruit or vegetable it’s usually because of time purposes.”   In Kennedy’s case, it’s not her dislike of fruits and vegetables that keeps her from meeting the guidelines, it’s her lack of time for preparation. A way students could make the time to eat their daily dose of produce is to get up ten minutes earlier each day and prepare their servings in containers so they are ready to eat whenever the teen is hungry.

According to a high school study conducted by the CDC,  28.5% of students ate fruit less than once a day, and 33.2% of students ate vegetables less than once a day. Senior at Hubbard High School, Senior Julia Palumbo remarked: “I don’t eat vegetables, and I never have. They look bad, smell bad, and taste worse.” According to Julia, she doesn’t want anything to do with vegetables. This problem can partially be solved. You can hide vegetables in chili, mac and cheese, smoothies, pasta sauce, and hamburgers. 

In short, teenagers are not getting enough fruits or vegetables.  In order to prevent possible illness or deficiencies, teens need to come up with a way to meet the minimum requirements, which may help them to develop a taste for both fruits and vegetables as time goes on.