Rotary Recognizes September Honorees

Rotary Recognizes September Honorees

Christina Kim, Global News Editor

With the commencement of the 2016-2017 school year, students of Hubbard High School are diligently getting used to their schedules and slowly falling into their daily school routine. And as always, a new month brings newly celebrated Rotary Students of the Month.  The first group of students that HHS would like to recognize are as follows:

Haley Baun is HHS’s  first Rotary Student of the Month. The youngest of Keith and Carrie Baun, Haley has three older sisters: Heather (30), Kelly (26), and Pamela (24). Haley received a letter in academics her freshman and sophomore years of high school, and is currently enrolled in multiple Honors classes. She is a member of the Ecology, French, and SADD Clubs. Outside of school, Haley is employed at Subway, and she enjoys running and volunteering at church events.

As all seniors are, Haley is somewhat nervous about graduation, but also looking forward to what the future will hold for her when she graduates. After high school, Haley hopes to attend college, but she is undecided about her choice.  She  plans to study Dental Hygiene.

When asked what she enjoyed about the Rotary Club, Haley praised the non profit organization. “I like how much the club tries to stay involved with the community,” she voiced. Haley especially appreciates the many things Rotary does for the town of Hubbard, such as donating dictionaries to the Hubbard Elementary School, providing a community bus, and running a rotary student community assistance program. Attending the rotary meetings has truly provided Haley with much insight on the Rotary Club and has made her support their decisions fully.

The next rotary student Hubbard offers recognition to is Andrea Riffle. Andrea is the daughter of Jason and Tiffany Riffle. She has one younger sister, Claire, who is in the 8th grade. Throughout her high school years, Andrea has taken numerous Honors, AP, and CCP classes. Currently, she is enrolled in CCP English and CCP French. Andrea is the secretary of the National Honor Society and a staff member for the HUB. She is a part of the French, SADD, Ecology, and Art clubs.

Outside of school, Andrea takes part in many additional activities. She is a member of a competitive rifle team out of Vienna, and has been a part of it for 5 years. For the time being, Andrea works for the Hermitage Chipotle. After high school, she unquestionably plans on attending college, but is unsure of where just yet. She hopes to major in Education or Counseling.

Because Rotary is an easily enjoyable organization, it is no wonder that Andrea likes the club as much as she does. She especially appreciates how close everyone in Rotary is, and how friendly and easy-going they are. “I also like the community involvement and the want and need to help that each member stands by,” explained Andrea.

To finalize the group of September Rotary Students, we have Anthony Laird. Anthony is the son of Lonnie and Suzanne Laird. He has one younger brother, Ryan, who is in the 8th grade. During the school day, Anthony is enrolled in 17 semester hours of college classes through YSU. His classes include CCP Chemistry, CCP Calculus, and CCP French. With this impressive transcript, he is also a 2-year academic letter winner. Anthony is a member of the HHS French and Ecology club, while also being a part of the National Honor Society.  Outside of school, he is a 3-year varsity letterman for the Hubbard High School Baseball Team, with the positions of 1st base and pitcher. Anthony also plays baseball for Creekside Fitness at Cene Field in Struthers, Ohio, while traveling on the weekends with the Ohio Glaciers, another baseball organization. The positions he plays for these teams are 1st base, pitcher, and outfielder.

When Anthony graduates in 2017, he plans on attending college, but is currently undecided on what school he would like to attend. Wherever he may end up, he hopes to play baseball for them as well. Anthony would like to major in an area dealing with chemistry and/or math. Chemical engineering or petroleum engineering are definitely the two biggest options for him.

Anthony is thoroughly pleased with the Rotary Club and had many compliments to share. He appreciates everything the organization does for the Hubbard community and the children in the schools.  He explained that: “Rotary has donated an impressive amount of money in services between Rotary worldwide and has helped families in need in our community. I have memories of the Rotary passing out dictionaries to our 3rd grade class many years ago. This is a service they still provide for the students of Hubbard, and I am grateful to them for that.”

Undoubtedly Rotary is grateful as well to have the pleasure of getting to know not only Anthony, but Andrea and Haley as well during this month of September.