Spanish Dept. Boasts a New Addition


Corrine Teaberry, Senior Staff Writer

Hubbard High School has a new teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. Welcome Miss Shannon Street, the new Spanish I teacher, taking the place of Mrs. Linda Slater who retired last year.  This reporter interviewed Miss Street to find out a little about her background.

Before she was a teacher, Street was Salutatorian of her graduating class at Mathews High School. During her junior year, she attended a half day at YSU, and then a full day her senior year. Spanish was her best subject in high school, and she worked at a Mexican restaurant, which helped her become more fluent. Since Spanish was Miss Street’s best subject, she states that this inspired her to pursue a career featuring a foreign language.

Miss. Street originally wanted to major in political science and Spanish at YSU. After deciding that she wanted to teach, Street pursued her teaching degree from Notre Dame, and her master’s degree from Edinboro University. She then continued on to student teach at Liberty high school and taught at other local schools as well.  Street taught at Warren JFK for three years and McDonald for two, gaining more experience in interpreting. She also had the opportunity to study abroad for a summer in South America. While studying in Peru where Spanish is frequently spoken, Street gained even more experience, and had the chance to interact with many new people.  When I asked Miss. Street how she liked Hubbard so far she responded that  “she felt right at home” as if “I have been here for years.”

Currently Miss. Street is at Hubbard High school for only the first half of the day, and in the afternoons teaches Spanish at McDonald High School. During her free time  Street enjoys time with her family and playing her guitar. She also stays busy taking care of her four-year-old son and is very involved in her church, playing guitar in their ensemble/ orchestra. Welcome, Miss Street!  The student body hopes that she enjoys the rest of her year at Hubbard High.