Hubbard Welcomes New Staff and Administrator


Madison Barton, Junior Staff Writer

The 2018-19 school year has started, which means new rules and regulations for each student, new classes,  new lockers, and even a new administrator and teachers. This year, Hubbard High School is pleased to welcome four new staff members, and this reporter had the opportunity to sit down and talk to them all.  The first staff member interviewed was Assistant Principal, Mr. David Reel, who is beginning his fifth year as an administrator. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

Q: “From where did you get your education?”           A: “I went to South Range for high school and got my Undergraduate and Master’s Degree at Youngstown State University.”

Q: “Do you have any children that go to Hubbard?”         A: “Yes, two boys. One is in second grade and one is in fourth.”

Q: “What made you choose to administrate at Hubbard High School?”         A: “I live in Hubbard along with my wife and kids. The job is close to home, so when I saw the position open, I took it. I am also very familiar with everyone, as I have lived here for 13 years.”

Welcome Mr. Reel; may you experience success in all you attempt here at Hubbard, and may all students have the good fortune to avoid one of those slips demanding a visit to the Assistant Principal’s office.


The second staff member this reporter interviewed was French teacher, Mrs. Kesha Szeljack.

Q: “Do you think that teaching a foreign language is any more difficult than teaching a regular class?”      A: “No, every subject has its own difficulties. French class is a class that allows you to show students how to do something and then let them practice those skills.”

Q: “Are there any significant differences between teaching at Hubbard versus teaching at Maplewood?”      A: “Yes, it is very different. Maplewood was smaller, so I pretty much knew everyone in the school. I also could only teach French for parts of the day, whereas I can teach it all day at Hubbard.”

Q: “Have you ever traveled to France or any French-speaking regions?”       A: “Yes. I studied abroad for a semester in France and traveled to Paris this past summer.”

Hubbard extends a warm welcome to Mrs. Selzjack as she begins her adventure here at the high school. Bonjour!


The next new staff member interviewed was Intervention Specialist  Miss Kayla Dickason.

Q: “Why did you choose to teach at Hubbard?”      A: “I was a student teacher at the Hubbard Elementary School and really liked the school and community after that experience.”

Q: “What made you choose your career?”     A: “With my job, I feel like I am making an impact on the lives of the students. I always say ‘The future of the world is in my classroom today.’”

Q: “What is your favorite thing about your job?”     A: “My favorite thing about this job is how rewarding it is. Everyday feels like something has been accomplished.”

For students who don’t know what teachers like Miss Dickason or Mrs. Earich do, according to online sources: “Intervention teachers provide special direction to students who have been given an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.). Working with parents and classroom teachers, intervention teachers attend to the social, personal and academic needs of students who have been identified as at-risk of failing.”


The last staff member interviewed was Mrs. Diane Earich.

Q: “For how many years have you been teaching?”       A: “This is my second year.”

Q: “What is your favorite thing about Hubbard so far?”       A: “I like everything so far. The students and staff are great; everyone is very welcoming.”

Q: “What are your expectations from the students?”       A: “I expect the students to give the best that they have and to always try their hardest. I also expect them to be respectful to one another.”

So if you see Mrs. Earich in the halls, wish her well, respectfully, of course.


The students also willingly expressed their opinions on the new teachers. Junior Sogol Nasseri weighed in on Mrs. Szeljack, stating, “I think she seems like a very good teacher, and I believe that we are going to learn a lot this year.” Junior Jackie Adler also added her thoughts. When asked about Mr. Reel, she exclaimed, “I think he seems really nice, yet has a strong presence, and is a good addition to Hubbard High.”  When Rylie Campbell, a current junior, was asked her thoughts on Ms. Dickason, she replied, “I think she seems very compassionate and helpful.” Lastly, Grace Ryser, also a current junior, gave her opinion on Mrs. Earich stating, “I think she seems very kind and is willing to do what she can for the students.” As you can see, the student body is happy to have these new teachers and administrator, and are looking forward to spending the year getting to know them in their respective fields.