Wack Works Wonder in the Upstairs Hallway


Brynn Cook, Junior Staff Writer

Most students here at Hubbard know who Mrs. Debbie Wack (Social Studies) is, whether you’ve had her as a student or you’ve heard about her from previous students.  Although most students and staff know Mrs. Wack, not everyone knows that she is the mastermind behind the decorations in the upstairs hallway. These decorations have been a big hit with the staff and students, so the HUB staff wanted to sit down with Mrs. Wack and get her input. When asked what made her decide to decorate the halls, Mrs. Wack replied, “It all began with decorating my door for holidays. Then, it spread to the door on Mrs. Bartholomew and Mrs. Johnson’s room, and then the doorway. After so many students had positive responses, I decided to expand.” 

The decorations bring a lot of joy to the staff and students. Sophomore Malaree Harper states, “The decorations give me so much genuine serotonin.”  Harper isn’t the only one who feels that the decorated hallways lighten the mood.  The decorations were a success among everyone in Hubbard High School. No one expected this decorated hallway to become as popular as it has, including Mrs Wack. She says: “I never really thought it would become such a sensation. I really do it for pure enjoyment. Plus, I find it relaxing. If I can put a smile on even one person’s face each day, I have achieved my goal. There is so much negativity in the world today, I like to introduce fun and enjoyment once in a while!” 

With everything going on in the world right now, seeing the hallway decorated gives the little bit of hope we all need. When asked if she gets a lot of compliments on the door, Wack said: “Many people have positive comments about the hallway and door decorations. I like to think it adds a little sunshine to their day.” Some students find adding decorations to the halls make the school look less bland. Junior Adrienne Elliott, commented on her feelings about the decorations: “They make me feel like the school doesn’t have to be bland. A little decoration goes a long way, and I think we should have more hallways like that. Maybe even make her in charge of making more hallways like that.” 

So whatever the season, or whatever the theme, expect to be surprised and delighted by what’s in store for the walls of Mrs. Wack’s second floor.