Eloy Kim Accepted into Vanderbilt University

Eloy Kim Accepted into Vanderbilt University

Michael Anderson, Senior Staff Writer

Vanderbilt University, a highly selective college, maintaining, according to US News online, an acceptance rate of only 9%, opened its doors to welcome Hubbard High School senior, Eloy Kim.  Located in Nashville, Tennessee, some say that Vanderbilt University is the Harvard of the South.  According to US News of Ranking Colleges, it is the 14th best National College for 2021.  Eloy’s acceptance into Vanderbilt is an accomplishment deserving both recognition and praise.

Vanderbilt University is a private college founded in 1873, with a one-million-dollar donation from the railroad and transportation industrialist, Cornelius Vanderbilt.  The 333 acre campus has tuition fees exceeding $52,000; this does not include any other living expenses.  Only the best of the best study at Vanderbilt University, states the online source Prep Scholar: “The average GPA at Vanderbilt is 3.83…The average SAT score composite at Vanderbilt is a 1505 on the 1600 SAT scale…The average ACT score at Vanderbilt is 34.”  According to the “About Vanderbilt” page, the school is known for its programs in, “…the liberal arts and sciences, engineering, music, education, and human development…nationally and internationally recognized graduate schools of law, education, business, medicine, nursing, and divinity.…” HHS is extremely proud to have Eloy Kim join its illustrious student roster.

Eloy was born in Baltimore, Maryland and relocated to three other states before settling in Hubbard, Ohio in 2013.  According to Eloy, When he moved from Georgia to Hubbard, Ohio, “the transition wasn’t easy to overcome.”  Through the encouragement of his teachers and counselors, he learned the strength of encouraging words, which then planted the seed of his aspirations to become an educator.  His father, two aunts, and three uncles, all of whom are pastors, contributed to his strong Christian values.  His Christian background, strong faith, and three siblings, Tess, Christina, and Elliott, have shaped who he is today.

Eloy first became interested in Vanderbilt University after seeing the campus’s ornate architecture  surrounded by a sea of green trees on the cover of an ACT practice booklet.  After researching the university, he found that he was especially drawn to the Peabody College of Education, which fit perfectly with his plans of earning a dual major in secondary or post-secondary education and English.  According to Eloy, he plans on pursuing these majors because he “…always saw the classroom as a focal point of [his] childhood, and [he wants] to be a part of a generation that continues to create new and innovative ways of teaching that helps future generations continue to grow and learn.”  His teachers and counselors have inspired him by “…showing how impactful a word of encouragement can be to a student who is struggling….”  His parents have influenced him in a similar way, telling him to appreciate what he has and “to love others unconditionally.”  To those who may want to attend schools such as these, he says that applicants should not focus entirely on stats.  According to Eloy, “…everyone has a unique story to tell, and that’s what colleges are truly looking for.”  He recommends being open about oneself when filling out a college application.

Many of Eloy’s peers were impressed by his achievement.  Senior, Isaac Powell remarked, “I think that it’s very impressive that he has accomplished such a prestigious goal in regards to getting accepted.  Eloy has shown sincere dedication throughout his educational career while still being a student athlete and involved in various school clubs.”  Senior, Gabe Gilliland also expressed admiration for Eloy’s achievement, stating, “I would expect nothing less.  He is the smartest person I know and he will definitely be successful at anything he goes after.  This is such a huge chapter of his life, and I know he will do great!”   Over time, I have had the great privilege of working with Eloy on various school projects, seeing first hand his dedication and intelligence.  I am impressed but not surprised by Eloy’s great achievement.  I believe I speak for all of Hubbard when I say congratulations and good luck, Eloy!