Diving into Winter Sports: Will Students Strike Out? It’s a Shot Worth Taking

Diving into Winter Sports: Will Students Strike Out? It’s a Shot Worth Taking

Christina Badurik, Sophomore Staff Writer

As we enter the change in season, students will get to show off their skills on the basketball court, at the bowling alley, and even in the swimming pool.  Winter sports are starting and students couldn’t be more excited. 

It’s only the start of the season, but so far the girls basketball team holds an undefeated record of 2-0 and they hope to maintain the good record this year.  “We hope to have a winning record and improve as a team by taking it each game at a time”, said Junior Mary Frangos, who is entering her third year as a member of the Varsity team.  Along with those of the team, she holds personal goals too.  “Personally, I hope to lead my team on and off the court and help our offense become even stronger.”  Already she’s making these goals come true, as she had 9 points in their victory against Ursuline.  Other key players include Rheanna Barr, who was the leading scorer in their win against Campbell putting up 12 points, Sophie Murphy who holds a total of 21 points so far, and Peytyn Slovesko with 22 points this season.  The boys on the other hand have not yet played a regular season game, but have very high hopes for this season.  In regards to their upcoming games, sophomore Lavonte Daniels stated, “I think this will be a very good season for us because we are very physical.  We aspire to score 70+ points per game this season and hope to keep teams down and play our game.” Lavonte added that some players to watch out for consist of Riley Heckert, Kaden Lowe, Logan Bates, Gavin Rybicki, and himself.

The swim team is thrilled for their season to begin.  Junior Ryan Grigsby said, “A lot of important meets are coming up and people are striving to get better.  Our boys relay team hopes to break 1,2 maybe even 3 records this year.”  Along with that, a swimmer to keep an eye out for is certainly Senior Dom Panozzo, who is coming off of an incredible season last year breaking two records. 

Lastly, the bowling team is prepared to take on this season. Mia King, freshman and member of the girls bowling team said, “Our team grows every practice with friendships and skill. We just had our first game, sadly we lost, but we were having fun and supported each other even during our five pins and we love cheering our teammates on during bakers. We are striving to get a total of 150-200 in one game at the end of the season.” Senior of the boys bowling team, Mikey Scoville,  states, “Our first match was today (11/29/21) and I couldn’t be more proud of the boys varsity team. Even though we lost by 5 pins everyone showed good character and we came back to make it close. Boardman is a tough team. We came back from 78 down to only lose by 5 to a team that finished in the top 5 in the state last year.  Our goals for the season are of course to do well in the tournaments, win the conference, and make it to state. We also want the younger guys to develop throughout the year, like freshmen Nick and Garrett, and sophomore Chase Storey, who are already doing great. Also, Senior Stephen Notman is very appreciated, as he keeps score for us. “All 6 varsity bowlers and our coach Scott Killian are keys to the team and it’s success. I’d say a major part of our team would be Senior John Jacobs who is a great bowler. I’d say some other key guys are myself , sophomore Christian Achenbach, and Junior Jack Adkins because we provide experience and each step up when needed. I’m looking forward to a great season this year.” 

Hubbard High School takes pride in each of their sports teams and are ready to step into the winter season.