The Many Benefits of HHS’s Blood Drive

The Many Benefits of HHSs Blood Drive

Christina Badurik, Sophomore Staff Writer

On December 14, 2021, students and teachers from Hubbard High School walked into the gym with great pride and smiling faces, eager to save up to three lives by donating their blood.   Hubbard’s Student Council organized a blood drive through the Red Cross Organization, which at first had an incredible turn-out. However, nothing ever goes as planned, a dictum that was wildly demonstrated when the machines necessary to run the event shut down a little over halfway through the day. Still, this year’s drive was a productive and beneficial event.

Donating blood is a crucial benefactor to our society as it allows burn victims, accident survivors, those undergoing heart or organ transplants and surgeries, and even cancer patients of all ages to gain health. Donated blood also gives patients unexpected benefits like lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart attack.  It is so highly demanded that  “every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood,” explains

Though this was not the ideal blood drive, it was definitely a memorable one.  Student Council advisor, Mrs. Laura McCleery/Science, describes it by saying, “This year’s fall blood drive was certainly one that I will remember.  It is the first time since I have been running the blood drives that we had to close it down early.  The Red Cross’s software stopped working, so they were unable to register any students properly.  Since the data needs to be real-time, they could not register donors manually.  Many students who were unable to donate were certainly disappointed. Not only were they excited to give blood, but also the fact that their pint of blood has the ability to save three lives.  Our next blood drive is April 13th, and I’m optimistic it will be great!”

Prior to the mechanical glitch which ultimately halted the event, there was still obvious good that came out of the blood drive. In fact, there are many benefits that come out of a high school blood drives besides the simply obvious goal of giving blood. For instance, between the students working the event and those who donated, all were able to accomplish a good deed. All achieved a stronger sense of camaraderie, and Student Council, the organizers, were proud of their planning and a job well-done.  Freshman Student Council member, Emalie Esmail, exclaimed, “It was such an amazing feeling to know that I was working an event that would benefit so many and leave an impact on the world!” Along with that, student donor, Senior Sara Sahagun, shared her experience and said, “I donated blood, and it honestly felt like the easiest way to give back. It took less than an hour, and it had the potential of saving up to three lives.”  It is truly incredible that so many other students and teachers had the opportunity to share this experience and help out so many across the globe.