STEAM Festival Recap

STEAM Festival Recap

McKenzie Conger, Senior Staff Writer

Every year, Hubbard High School hosts the STEAM festival around spring time and teaches high school students scientific ways to have fun. Hubbard science and math teachers put together this fun and educational day for the high school students. STEAM stands for five different educational courses: Science, Technology, English, Art and Music. Hubbard’s favorite events with STEAM include Egg Drop, Paint Pour, Bridge Building, CO2 Cars, Origami, Paper Roller Coaster, and Math/Science Escape Rooms. This Fest encompasses a whole school day, and students rush to sign up as soon as the forms open online; this is the only way they can claim a spot in the event. 

Each event that takes place resembles an educational class. Lexi Najdusak, a Hubbard Senior states, “Paper roller Coasters is my favorite event. It’s fun to be creative with your group of friends. You have to figure out the right angles for speed to make the marble get to the bottom which is like a combination of science and math.” As Lexi said, STEAM makes it a way to put unpopular topics into fun activities. “I learned communication is key when it comes to working with others in a group project”, says Najdusak. STEAM not only offers a fun time educationally, but also learning new ways of communication with your peers. 

The biggest event that was talked about after the STEAM fest is Paper Roller Coaster. Mckenna Wright, a Hubbard Junior, remarks, “My favorite part of the steam fest was doing paper roller coasters with my team, because it was fun to figure out what would and wouldn’t make the marble work.” Gabi Jones, a Hubbard Senior, says “ My favorite part of the STEAM fest was when I got to be creative when making our paper roller coasters. We made ours have an “out of this world” theme with planets.” 

The STEAM fest made learning very fun and entertaining for students and kept them thinking. Scientific studies show that kids who learn in a more fun environment will remember the knowledge better than a classroom setting all the time. Keeping the students engaged with more of an entertaining activity will keep them interested in what they are learning. The students that were interviewed all had made memories and would do it again next year when the fest comes back.,process%20is%20enjoyable%20and%20memorable.