Hot Start Cools As Eagles Fall

Bill Heath, Senior Sports Editor

“Remember, it was 12-10 after the first quarter.”  Those were the words uttered by Hubbard coach Rick Fox after December 10th’s 58-37 defeat against Brookfield.  Hubbard did in fact, come out firing. Two Larry Minotti three-pointers led the Eagles to a 6-0 lead, and solid defense kept Brookfield to only 10 points.  There was a simple reason Hubbard didn’t keep up with Brookfield in the 2nd and 3rdquarters- they didn’t score.  Hubbard managed 6 and 2 points in the second and third quarters, respectively.  There was a lid on the basket the Eagles couldn’t shoot their way out of.  It was a hard-fought game, but Brookfield had the size advantage, and their shots were falling.  Leading the Eagles with six points, were seniors Jordan Thomson, Aaron Loveless, and Larry Minotti.  The Hubbard JV team also fell, by a score of 54-42, they were lead by Derek Kopanic and his 18 points.