Trying out the Turf

Trying out the Turf

Raina Maas

Chris Colella, Junior Sports Writer

artificial-turfIt’s been the talk of the Hubbard area since spring; it’s been worked on all summer; and now, the new turf football/soccer field is finally ready. With the high school football teams’ first home game coming up this Friday night against Girard, everyone is largely anticipating the opening of the brand new playing surface and setup. What does the new turf field mean? It means no muddy or drenched playing surfaces, no rained out home games, and no more sprained or broken ankles because of divots on the field. A few other additions to the field are the new scoreboard and brand new band shelter. The scoreboard includes a video screen. Now, I have heard, but is not confirmed, that all scoring plays will be replayed on the video screen on the scoreboard. That would be the icing on the cake for this new stadium.

Turf fields generally tend to be flat, and the artificial grass is kept extremely short. How does this terrain influcence play? For soccer games, the ball is going to roll much faster than it would on regular grass, and the football will more than likely take bigger bounces off of punts or kicks. When Senior linebacker Alex Mosora was asked about the new turf and stadium, his response was: “I’m looking forward to starting the new era of Hubbard football at a much better stadium; great teams need a great stadium.”

The football and soccer teams are beyond excited to be playing at the new stadium as the anticipation grows for that home opener for the football and soccer teams this fall season. Best of luck to both sports this year, and we’ll see you Friday night at Hubbard Memorial Stadium against Girard!