Defense Does Win Championships: Fixed Super Bowl?


Chris Colella, Juniors Sports Writer


           The number one defense faced off against the number one offense in the highly anticipated Super Bowl XLVIII. The big question heading into this game was how Seattle’s defense would fair against the Broncos high powered offense. Well, let’s just say that question was answered relatively quickly as the Seahawks shut-out the highest scoring offense in the league, and Seattle went into halftime leading Denver by a shocking 22-0 score. Nobody, not even Seahawks fans, could believe that the Denver Broncos were not able to score a single point in the first half of the biggest game of the season. Nonetheless, there were several miscues executed by Denver in the first 30 minutes. For instance, on the very first offensive play of the game, Broncos center Manny Ramirez mistimed the snap count, and snapped the ball past Peyton Manning into the end zone. The play would result in a safety and the Seahawks would get the ball. It was the quickest score in Super Bowl history, giving Seattle a 2-0 lead just 12 seconds into the game. From that point forward, Denver was unable to get anything going their way. A few minutes into the second quarter, Manning was picked off for the first time of the game by Seattle’s Kam Chancellor. That wouldn’t be the only intercepted pass the Seahawks would get off Manning. Just midway through the second quarter now, it had appeared Denver was starting to gain some momentum as they began to move the ball downfield. Denver’s Peyton manning dropped back to throw as they entered Seahawks territory. Just as Manning was releasing the ball, he was hit by one of Seattle’s linebackers. This popped the ball sky high into the air, which gave Seattle linebacker Malcolm Smith the opportunity to intercept the pass once again. Smith did just that, and ran it back 69 yards for the score. Peyton Manning finished with two interceptions


            Right as time expired in the third quarter, the Denver Broncos  scored their first points of the Super Bowl. Manning connected with receiver Demaryius Thomas on a 14 yard pass. They went for the two-point conversion and were successful. The Seattle Seahawks possessed the ball most of the 4th quarter, and they would not let up. When it was all said and done, the Seahawks had beaten the Broncos 43-8; one of the worst deficits in Super Bowl history. One thing I personally did not understand in this game is how the top scoring offense in the entire National Football League  managed to only score eight points in the biggest game of the season! I understand that Seattle came into the game with the number one ranked defense, but  putting up only eight points is pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, the Seahawks are a great team, but nobody expected a game like this. Now, there has been some talk that the Super Bowl may have been rigged. Most of the talk is that Denver took a rather large amount of money to blow the game, or key players were involved in some sort of deal. There really is no liable evidence to show that occurred, but who’s to say it didn’t happen as well? There are some incredibly greedy people at that level of profession, and those people will do anything to make big bucks. This type of manipulation has occurred before in sports history. Go back to the 1919 World Series between the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds. There were eight players from that White Sox team that made a deal with a gambler to purposely lose the World Series. Those eight players ended up getting banned from baseball for life. They say history repeats itself. Today in a world of greed and mischief, how do we know what’s fixed and what isn’t anymore?